The Perfect Figure Skating Spin

Figure Skating Spin: THe Basics

Have you ever watched a world class figure skater and thought “I want to do that!” If you follow our instructions, you’ll be doing a figure skating spin like a gold medalist in no time!

The Step by Step Process

To do a two-ft. spin, start with good posture: feet parallel, knees slightly bent, upper-torso straight, and chin upright. Start with your hands in front, as if wrapped around a big, invisible beach ball. Move the ball to one side, and as you make the rotations, gradually lower your palms and pull your hands in. Try to do a couple counter-clockwise rotations with both feet on the ground; loosen your hands if you feel that you’re losing balance. Tips for doing a one-ft. spin, along with further information, are shared in the video.

Ready to Take it to the next level?

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