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Whether you are an individual looking to get into shape, a seasoned athlete looking for customized training or part of a team looking to improve together Aviator Athletics offers functional fitness and sports performance classes to fit your needs.

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Team Training at Aviator Athletics is designed to build team camaraderie, strength, speed, and agility. The Sports Performance teams develops training sessions around teamwork, and friendly competition to consistently vary the type of workouts that teams go through. Injury prevention and athlete recovery techniques help keep athletes in peak performance.

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Take individual fitness and sports performance training to the next level with personal training at Aviator Athletics. Head Coach Howard works one-on-one with all athletes to create customized programs to get athletes of all ages and levels in peak performance.

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The Young Adult Class is geared towards younger athletes to build strength, flexibility, and  agility. Classes are held twice a day.



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Group Class is held every day. Each class is limited to 15 people and two coaches are present for each class, maximizing the amount of time a coach spends with you.

In each Group Class, athletes will do dynamic warmups, work on a skill, and the prescribed WOD (workout of the day). Every element of the WOD is scalable to help beginners learn the skill