Baseball classes at Aviator Sports and Events Center are specialized for younger players who are looking to start playing the game of baseball and reinforce their skills. Coaches focus on teaching the fundamentals to children ages 3 to 12 years old and take great care to teach a love for the game and foster strong fundamentals. Players can easily pick up new skills and develop confidence as they move to higher levels. Each class and clinic runs 45 minutes to an hour depending on age so that players remained focused on learning without tiring out.

During programs, children will work on learning all aspects of the game including but not limited to proper throwing techniques, hitting, base running, positioning, and fielding. The variety of drills keeps players engaged with every class and allows them to get the most of their potential.

Athletes can further develop their athletic and sports specific skills by training at Aviator Athletics. Start your children off with a love for America’s pastime at Aviator Sports and Events Center.