Baseball Little Sluggers


This six-week class for 3-­4 years old meets every Monday and will teach children the basics of baseball. This class is perfect for a child looking to learn baseball for the first time. For this class, coaches focus on teaching basics and getting players on the same page with fundamental baseball, all while having fun!

The fundamentals taught in the Little Sluggers class will help children gain a strong knowledge base and foundation of skills for when the transition into Big Sluggers, Little League and school teams.

Participants will play a variety of positions during practices. They will work on proper fielding mechanics, and throwing mechanics. Throwing is often overlooked as a skill to be taught to young players. Players in Little Sluggers are taught that throwing requires the entire body to work together in order to throw the ball accurately.

Players will also work on hitting mechanics using a tee. One major component that players work on is stepping out of the box during a swing. prevents the bat from being in the hitting zone long enough to make consistent contact or prevents proper plate coverage.

For baserunning, players will work on what advances runners, proper baserunning techniques and sliding. Young players often slide on their side; our coaches work with players, so they slide on their backside which is a safer and more efficient sliding method.


Dates: TBD

Time: 5:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.

Cost: $99 + $35 Annual Aviator Membership Fee for 6-­week session

 To register, call 718-758-7584 or email