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Figure Skating Program

Aviator is committed to providing the best ice skating experience in New York City. The Aviator Ice Academy is affiliated with U.S. Figure Skating and offers classes for skaters of all ages and abilities. 

Learn about our incredible figure skating instructor team.

The Academy offers group “Learn to Skate” classes four days a week from Thursday through Sunday.  There are classes for tots, youths, teens, and adults, as well as skaters starting their competitive careers.  Aviator Ice Academy has the best student-to-teacher ratio of all Lear To Skate programs in the Tri-state area. 

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If you have any questions, please call the skating office at 718-758-7514. See you on the ice!


Private Figure Skating Lessons
  • Adult
  • Youth

Aviator Ice Academy is proud to provide top quality private coaching for all skating styles. Our staff features coaches ranging from Basic Skills Specialists through Olympic, World, and International levels.

How to schedule a private lesson:

  • Call skating office and leave message to schedule in advance with date and time (a small window of time is helpful) -- an available instructor will call you back to discuss details.
  • Go to web, click on link for instructors to learn about pricing, view bios and to contact one directly.
  • Come to the rink and observe their teaching skills and ability personally, you can approach them directly and make your own arrangements for date, times, price, etc. 
  • Schedule an evaluation with skating director (more advance levels) to find proper instructor for your child.
  • Lessons are offered 7 days a week & can be scheduled on either public or freestyle sessions.
  • Semi-private lessons are also available (price to be agreed upon with instructor). No more than 3 skaters allowed for semi-private lesson during public session.
  • Please note: price for private lesson DOES NOT include ice admission and skate rentals (please see website for price details).

Please call our Ice Skating office at (718) 758-7514 to learn more about our highly professional and dedicated coaches.

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Synchronized Skating
  • Youth

Synchronized Skating - Aviator Ice Dazzlers

Synchronized skating is a team sport in which 8-20 skaters perform a program together. It uses the same judging system as singles, pairs and dance and is characterized by teamwork, speed, intricate formations and challenging step sequences. As with the other disciplines, all teams perform a free skate with required well-balanced program elements. In addition, teams at the junior and senior level perform a short program consisting of required elements.

Synchronized skating is a popular discipline both within U.S. Figure Skating and around the world. U.S. Figure Skating held the first U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in 1984 and also hosted the first World Synchronized Skating Championships in 2000. There are approximately 525 synchronized teams registered with U.S. Figure Skating, and nearly 5,000 athletes participate annually in the synchronized skating sectional championships.”  -- U.S. Figure Skating

Aviator Ice Angels – (5-7-years-old) Beginner Level

Aviator Ice Dazzlers – (9-13-years-old) Pre-Juvenile Level

Acceptance to teams based on private evaluation.  Please contact Figure Skating office for more information. 917-758-7514


Youth Learn to Skate
  • Youth

Aviator Ice Academy’s learn to skate program follows the skating curriculum set by the United States Figure Skating Association Basic Skills program. The LTS program fosters fun and learning in a good environment of encouraging staff professionals. The curriculum is designed to keep skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether your goal is to achieve Olympic fame or simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, Aviator learn to skate is for you!

The Aviator Sports Ice Academy is proud to provide
top quality coaching at all levels. We have coaches
ranging from Learn to Skate specialists through
Olympic level coaches. Please view our website for
a list of our professional coaching staff


4:00-4:30pm 4:30-5:00pm 11:00am-12:00pm 10:15-11:15am
& 11:15am-
Sept. 4 Sept. 5 Sept. 6
Sept. 7
Sept. 11 Sept. 12 Sept. 13 Sept. 14
Sept. 18 Sept. 19 Sept. 20
Sept. 21
Sept. 25 Sept. 26 Sept. 27 Sept. 28
Oct. 2 Oct. 3
Oct. 4
Oct. 5
Oct. 9 Oct. 10
Oct. 11
Oct. 16 Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Oct. 19
Oct. 23 Oct. 24 Oct. 25 Oct. 26
Oct. 30 Oct. 31 Nov. 1 Nov. 2
Nov. 6 Nov. 7
Nov. 8
Nov. 9

+ $35 Aviator membership fee (paid one time for the whole year and
includes discounts throughout Aviators facility


For updates and questions, please refer to our website or call the skating school at (718) 758-7514


On LTS days:
- 30 minutes of instruction

On extended LTS days:

  • 30 minutes of instruction
  • 30 minutes of practice
  • Public session (day of the class)
  • Private and semi-private lessons from our professional staff are available during the 30 minutes of practice
  • Parents can skate during the second half of extended LTS for $5 (includes public skating and does not include skate rentals)


  • We do not offer refunds after the first LTS class
  • Payment for classes can be made in cash, credit card, or check (checks should be made out to "Aviator Sports")
  • Only 2 make-up classes may be taken throughout the semester. No classes will be carried over into the next semester (beyond when your child’s 10 weeks should be completed)
  • Classes will have an open enrollment which will continue into the next semester (if required) for completion of 10 weeks
  • Maximum class size is 16 students
  • United States Figure Skating Association testing will be done twice every semester. Class placement is at the discretion of our highly qualified coaching staff and any staff testers.
  • We encourage all students to wear helmets, warm loose clothing, gloves, and thin socks or tights. Tots must wear a helmet.
  • We also offer daily morning and afternoon freestyle sessions.

For additional information, please call the skating school at (718) 758-7514. Updates for class dates, closings, and news will be posted to the bulletin board in the rink. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to insufficient registration.


Adult Learn to Skate
  • Adult

Aviator Ice Academy offers Learn to Skate classes for adults taught by coaches with countless years of valuable experience in the field. Our professional staff consists of Olympic & World coaches and competitors, as well as international performers. Adult Learn to Skate classes allow adults of all ages to learn techniques enabling them to improve, have fun, and enjoy skating!

Adult skaters will learn the basics of skating from the Adult Basics Skills structured program.

We guarantee our well developed and organized Learn to Skate Program offers something for everyone!





Freestyle Skating
  • Adult
  • Youth

What are Freestyle Sessions?

Fall/Winter September 2014 - June 2015 Freestyles Schedule

MondayMorning: 6:00AM – 7:00AM*, 7:00AM – 7:50AM, 8:00AM – 8:50AM, 9:00AM – 9:50AM, 10:00AM-10:50AM
Afternoon: 3:10PM – 4:00PM, 4:50PM – 5:40PM, 5:40PM – 6:30PM
TuesdayMorning: 6:00AM – 7:00AM*, 7:00AM – 7:50AM, 8:00AM – 8:50AM, 9:00AM – 9:50AM, 10:00AM –10:50AM
WednesdayMorning: 6:00AM – 7:00AM*, 7:00AM – 7:50AM, 8:00AM – 8:50AM, 9:00AM – 9:50AM, 10:00AM – 10:50AM
Afternoons: 4:00PM – 4:50PM, 4:50PM – 5:40PM, 5:40PM – 6:30PM
ThursdayMorning: 6:00AM – 7:00AM*, 7:00AM – 7:50AM, 8:00AM – 8:50AM, 9:00AM -9:50AM, 10:00AM-10:50AM
Afternoons: 4:00PM – 4:50PM, 4:50PM-5:40PM, 5:40PM-6:30PM
FridayMorning: 6:00AM – 7:00AM*, 7:00AM – 7:50AM, 8:00AM – 8:50AM, 9:00AM – 9:50AM, 10:00AM – 10:50AM
Afternoon: 4:00PM – 4:50PM (Rink A), 5:00PM – 5:50PM, 5:50PM – 6:40PM

SaturdayMorning: 8:10AM – 9:00AM, 9:00AM – 9:50AM, 9:50AM – 10:40AM


Registration Link

NOTE: You must pay and sign in before entering the ice. No split sessions allowed.

For Freestyle Rules click here.


  • 1 Session – $20.00
  • 10 Pack – $160.00 (expire in 2 month)
  • 20 Pack – $280.00 (expire in 2 month)
  • Unlimited monthly-$300.00
  • Aviator FSC Members & Aviator Sports & Events Members - $250

*Cost of 20 Pack will be $270.00 for Aviator Members

**Multi-Packs are Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable
***Guest Coaches must receive approval from skating director before teaching.

Aviator Figure Skating Club
  • Adult
  • Youth

The principal purpose of the Club is to foster figure skating on ice. In order to do so, the Club has been organized to exist as a member club of U.S. Figure Skating and, therefore, seeks to assist in carrying out the objects and purposes of U.S. Figure Skating in accordance with the provisions of the U.S. Figure Skating Bylaws and Official Rules. The Club shall maintain its membership in U.S. Figure Skating and conduct its affairs in a manner consistent with the Bylaws, Official Rules, policies and procedures of U.S. Figure Skating. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!

Registration Link

Visit the Aviator Figure Skating Club website.

Advance Learn To Skate
  • Youth

Competitions, Shows and Tests
  • Adult
  • Youth

Upcoming Competitions, Shows and Tests
at our facility:

  • Aviator Annual “Autumn-Lift Off” Competition, Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014
  • Aviator 8th Annual Holiday Show, Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, 3:30pm

Aviator Ice Academy is having 2 shows per year (Holiday Show [Decmeber] & End of the Year Show [June]), Basic Skills Competition in November & several test sessions throughout the year. Check here for future events.

Yeshiva Girls - Learn to Skate
  • Youth

Aviator-Yeshiva Girls LTS

Aviator Sports is proud to offer the Yeshiva Girls Skating Program again. This program fosters a fun and social environment while teaching the basics of skating. The girls will be grouped together and will only be taught by our female instructors.  This is a Basic Skills program which follows the guidelines set by U.S. Figure Skating Association.  It includes  ½ hour of instruction, ½ hour of free skate practice.  Maximum class size 3-6-yrs-old, 10 girls, 7yrs-old and up and 15 girls.

The Aviator Sports Ice Academy is proud to provide top quality coaching at all levels. We have coaches ranging from Learn to Skate specialists through Olympic level coaches.
Class Dates - Fall/Winter 2014 - 2015
Sundays 10:00AM:  Oct. 19, Oct. 26, Nov. 2, Nov. 9, Nov. 16, Nov. 30, Dec. 7, Dec. 14, Jan. 4, Jan. 11
Discounts Offered
10% Discount for 2nd Family Member (ask for details)
General Information
~ There are no refunds for Yeshiva Girls Learn to Skate
~ Payment for classes can be made in cash, credit card, or check (checks should be made payable to Aviator Sports)
~ Maximum class size is 15-per group
~ We encourage all students to wear helmets and warm, loose clothing, gloves and thin socks or tights. Tots MUST wear a helmet.
~ A liability waiver MUST be signed for each child before each child enters the ice surface.
We also offer daily morning and afternoon freestyle sessions.

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