Private and Semi Private Gymnastics Lessons

Ages: All Ages

Our private and semi­private lessons are flexible and designed to help you in the areas where you need the most work, whether you need extra practice to nail a floor routine or you’re trying to learn balance beam technique. All private lessons are one­-on­-one, whereas semi­private lessons are two­-on­-one.Throughout your lesson, you can expect one of our professional, experienced coaches to guide you through proper technique with 100% attentiveness.

30 Minute Lesson: $37.50

45 Minute Lesson: $56.25

60 Minute Lesson: $75.00

60 Minute Semi-­Private Lesson: $90.00

To schedule a private or semi­private lesson, call and let us know your availability.

Gymnastics Desk: 718-758­-7575

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