Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey overview

In April of 2015, the ice hockey programs at Aviator Sports and Events Center were voted to Tier 1, the highest level that is recognized by USA Hockey. Aviator is the only Tier 1 program in New York City. Click here to learn more about this exciting news and what it means for our youth programs.

Aviator is the premier destination for ice hockey in Brooklyn, featuring 2 NHL-sized ice rinks. Get in the action with one of Aviator’s many recreational or competitive leagues with quality officiating and professional grade rinks. Players looking for the ultimate travel ice hockey experience can try out to be part of Aviator’s program with some of the area’s top teams.  Youth and adults looking to take their game to the next level will appreciate our professional coaching staff which brings the area’s best instruction to the ice. Learn more about Chris Werstine Director of Ice Operations at Aviator Sports & Events Center and President of the Aviator Hockey Club.