DTS Scrimmage Development Program

DTS Scrimmage Development Program

This Spring Dutch Total Soccer offers a NEW program for boys & girls ages 5-12 focusing on the development of soccer skills through small sided games/scrimmages. The scrimmage development program complements team practices and skills classes enabling players to apply what they have learned to master Soccer in a real game.

During the scrimmages, our coaches will act as supervisors rather than actively coaching the games thus making this program the excellent opportunity for players to experience the beautiful game of Soccer on their own terms. And create a valuable addition to other classes or team activities.

The Scrimmage Development Program is open to players of all levels and will give players more touches on the ball than in traditional training sessions while having fun in the process. Each session will consist of a 15-minute ball mastery warm-up & 45 minutes of 4v4 & 3v3 small-sided game play.

With the emphasis on skill development, all players will gain confidence and will be encouraged to bring new moves into the small sided games. These conditions are very important to player development, enabling many touches on the ball. Our goal is for players to be independent while trying out new skills on the pitch.

Program Details:

Admission Fees:

Registration: $226  + $35 Annual Aviator Membership Fee

*If you register for one of DTS Core Classes & Scrimmage Development in the same session pay only $125 for this classes must contact the front desk for discount*

Days and Times: Tuesday

  • 5-7 Years Old   9:00 a.m.
  • 8-11 Years Old 10:00 a.m.

For more information please call the Field House 718-758-7569 or email Fields@aviatorsports.com