5 Best Rugged Maniac Obstacles

Conquer These Rugged Maniac OBstacles

Returning to Aviator Sports, Rugged Maniac is one of the big 5k runs that makes its annual stop in the middle of the summer.

Don’t get left in the dust with any of these five best obstacles, we’re raising awareness for what you can expect from these obstacles so the surprises are minimal.

Mount Maniac

Obstacles at rugged maniac

You’ll need a head start in order to conquer Mount Maniac, the first leg of this obstacle is climbing the Warped Wall.

Akin to Ninja Warrior, you’ll need to time your jump to grip the ledge and pull yourself up.

A real testament to the comradery among your fellow racers, if you can’t pull your own weight there’s a guarantee that other runners will be waiting atop to help pull up anyone who falls short.

Following the Warped Wall is a cargo net that leads to the top of Mount Maniac.

Once you’ve reached the top there’s only one way down, you’ll be sliding down into the pool of mud at the bottom.

Commando Crawl

Obstacles at Rugged Maniac

Get down! Stay down! The Commando Crawl marinates you in the mud for an unconventional cooling.

Barbed wire is what’s separating you from the outside, the only way out is to crawl your way to through to the other side of the sharp-toothed tunnel.

This crawl is guaranteed to leave its a lasting impression with the mud imprints left on your shirt.

Off the Rails

rugged maniac courses

This level zip line will be your ride to help you can help you glide across land or the muddy waters.

You’ll need to build up enough momentum to push yourself at least 20 feet across the chosen terrain.

At the very end of the track is a cowbell hanging overhead that you’ll have to reach out and spank to mark your victory.

It doesn’t count unless the bells toll.


rugged maniac obstacle course

Catapult yourself to the cargo ropes draped across the wall.

Between each trampoline is a padded gap so you’ll have to time each jump accordingly.

People have been seen leaping from the first trampoline to the very last one with some leg strength and a little bit of umph!

Reaching the wall isn’t enough, you’re expected to climb it. It might be a good idea to use the trampoline for some leverage, giving you a head start.

Hell and High Water

rugged maniac obstacles

But it looks so easy like you can’t just walk across? But don’t this walk deceive you, it’s a slippery slope.

The lily pads will be unexpectedly moving your momentum.

Balance yourself, take your time on this course because if you slip up — you’ll slip up.

Your saving grace is the rope dangling above that you should be holding on to for deal life or suffer the consequences of the high water.

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