5 reasons to play Pokemon Go while at Aviator Sports and Events Center

5 Reasons to Play Pokemon Go at Aviator Sports

Pokemon Go has been taking New York City by storm. On street corners and in parks all over the five boroughs, people have been gathering in masses to play the popular game, which was released last week. Here at Aviator, we’ve been getting into it too! Here are the top 5 reasons Pokemon Go’ers should gather at Aviator.

  1. We are a Pokestop! – Pokestops are key places in the game that give players rewards just for visiting! Additionally, an item called a lure can be used at such places, which attracts all kinds of interesting Pokemon to the spot.
  2. We have space!- Instead of crowding onto a small slice of sidewalk next to a “Welcome to (insert town here)” sign, Aviator Sports and Events Center is the largest sports and events venue in New York.
  3. We have food!- Aces Patio stays open fairly late, sometimes past 10 p.m.! Nothing works up an appetite quite like trying to find that last Eevee… for six hours. Grab a bite to eat and enjoy a place to sit and rest.
  4. Floyd Bennett Field is full of cool Pokemon- Employees here at Aviator have been playing before and after work, and even on lunch breaks. Floyd Bennett Field, where Aviator is located, has yielded many interesting finds. This includes Dratinis, Kinglers, Nidokings, Pinsirs, Grimers, Cubones, Scythers, and just about an unlimited supply of Voltorbs and Magnemites.
  5. The Ryan Visitor Center is a gym – Next door to Aviator Sports is a small museum dedicated to the history of flight at Floyd Bennett Field. More importantly, it is a Pokemon Gym. Team Valor currently controls it, but its strength has fluctuated. Come level up at Aviator before heading next door to claim the Ryan Center for your own team!

Pokemon Go is a fantastic way to socialize, spend free time, get to know people, and stay active. However, safety is the always our number one concern here at Aviator. Please, use judgement when visiting various locations that are meaningful to the game. Stay aware of your surroundings and travel in groups whenever possible. Of course, never operate electronics while driving. Do not let the game that will bring joy to so many cause your own bad time.

Come to Aviator Sports with your friends and continue your quest to catch em’ all!

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