Experience Summer Day Camp at Aviator Sports

Summer Day Camp at Aviator Sports Welcome, parents, to Aviator Sports and Events Center, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable summer day camp experience for your children! Our Summer Day Camp is designed to create a safe, vibrant, and fun-filled environment where children can learn, grow, and make the most of their summer holidays. Our...
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Three children play basketball at Aviator's children's basketball league in Brooklyn

Why Choose Youth Development Basketball?

The days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting less busy. With school in session, homework, commuting, and chores all seem to hold higher priority over fun. Youth development basketball offers more than just fun — it also provides children with healthy activity and teaches critical skills for adulthood. Fall and winter sports...
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girls skating at skate lessons brooklyn

Fall Youth Programs: Learn to Skate, Learn to Play

Looking for the perfect afterschool activity this fall? Many parents know children need interests outside of school to broaden their horizons. Fall youth programs that incorporate sports are an excellent choice. They give kids a chance to blow off steam, get some exercise, and meet new friends. Learn to Skate USA is a national program...
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Kid in blue shirt sliding down the summer camp water slide

How Much Summer Camp is Not Enough?

Your kid is home from school all day for the summer, but now what? If you’ve been looking for a summer camp program, you may have shrugged it off because of complicated schedules and application cutoff dates. Maybe it doesn’t seem worth it because there isn’t much of the summer left. How much summer camp...
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rockaways golf course, brooklyn golf, golfing brooklyn

Golf Practice Secrets: Par 3 Courses

It’s time you got serious about your game. You’re trying to fit in more time for golf practice, and you’ve heard that a Par 3 Course is the perfect solution. Newbies are confused by the nomenclature, while golf veterans might not know how playing a Par 3 course improves their game. Here’s what you need...
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Aviator Hockey youth players at practice

Is Ice Hockey Safe for Kids?

With new NHL teams launching across the country, ice hockey has become more popular in the United States than ever before. The nail-biting 2022 play-off season has ramped up the excitement, too. More kids are dreaming of becoming heroes in the rink, but is ice hockey safe for kids? Youth Ice Hockey Safety Precautions While...
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Gymnasts on the balance beam at Aviator Gymnastics

Choosing the Best Gymnastics Program for Your Kid(s)

Many children dream of becoming world-class gymnasts. It’s like dancing on air, and those gravity-defying flips look so easy when you’re 7 years old. If you’ve been searching for the best gymnastics program for kids, you may not be sure where to start. The Keyword is “Your Kid” Finding the best gymnastics program for your...
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Soccer at Aviator Sports

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp Program

Before you know it, school will be out for the summer. Your kids aren’t looking forward to spending the next two months sitting at home. And frankly, you don’t like the idea any better than they do. Maybe it’s time to look into the Aviator Sports Summer Camp program? Sports camps offer kids a chance...
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Soccer for ages 1 and up

Best Summer Sports Camps Near Brooklyn NY

If your child’s latest passion is team sports or gymnastics, you may be looking for the best summer sports camp near Brooklyn, NY. The best summer sports camps offer kids a chance to develop their skills in their favorite competitive sport. For kids and young teens (15 and under) with an eye toward a sports...
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A Learn to Skate Class from Aviator Figure Skating Club

The Benefits of Figure Skating

Not every kid is interested in the rough-and-tumble play of team sports. However, they all need physical exercise. Figure skating offers a unique opportunity for kids to become physically fit while expressing themselves creatively. The obvious health benefits of figure skating are just the start. What are the benefits of figure skating for Kids? The...
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