Dreams Take Flight with Aviator Sports After-School Sports

Are you in the Brooklyn area, on the hunt for extraordinary after-school activities for your child? Don’t settle for the ordinary! Aviator Sports and Events Center brings you a world of top-notch after-school sports classes that help your child grow the skills needed for their dreams to take flight.  Get ready to explore the exciting...
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People swimming in Aviator Sports Pools

All About the Benefits of Summer Camp

More parents are looking into summer camp and youth day programs this year than have in the past few years. They want to help their kids get back to feeling normal and reap these programs’ benefits. But, do you know what all the specific benefits of programs like Aviator Sports Summer Day Camp are? Summer...
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AAU Swarm Teamwork showing benefits of team sports on children

Team Sports Benefits for Young Children

Team sports are one of the best ways to teach young children the value of teamwork and time management. Speaking of physical health, team sports such as youth soccer and hockey keep children healthy. They also help build healthy friendships; not to mention the positive impact on mental health and developing healthy core habits. Benefits...
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Peewee hockey

Return To Play COVID-19 Guidelines

Return To Play COVID-19 Guidelines As we return to operation in the new normal the programs and activities will operate with unique guidelines approved by the National Parks Service. Before participating in an activity or sport at Aviator Sports please review the guidelines. Clicking the program name will open the individual guidelines. FC Copa Brooklyn...
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FC Copa Hires Lennard Visman As Technical Director At FC Copa – Brooklyn

FC Copa Hires Lennard Visman As Technical Director At FC Copa – Brooklyn Veteran NYC-Area Soccer Coach Will Oversee Implementation of  #TheCopaWay at FC Copa Academy at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn, New York For Immediate Release – Wednesday, July 8, 2020 Media Contact: Jef Thiffault, FC Copa Director of Club Development and Communications jef.thiffault@fccopa.com /...
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Grub Tub Recipe

Aviator Eats: Yankee Stadium Grub Tub

Aviator Eats: Yankee Stadium Grub Tub We’re celebrating the announcement that MLB is coming back by replicating a Yankee Stadium staple, The Grub Tub. Legends Hospitality who manage concessions at Aviator Sports are also the food partner of Yankee Stadium so when we’re open you can still get the same chicken tender and fries experience....
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Prepared cheese crips

Aviator Eats: Low Carb Cheese Crisps

Aviator Eats: Low Carb Cheese Crisps Now that New York City has entered phase 1 of the state’s reopening plan we’re eagerly anticipating getting back and participating in the sports we love on their mats, courts, turf, and fields. With the weather more often beautiful than not athletes have been working out outside getting back...
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Chimichurri potatoes

Aviator Eats: Chimichurri

Aviator Eats: Chimichurri Kids, do as we say not as we do. Don’t pull descriptions directly from Wikipedia. That being said, “Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce used both in cooking and as a table condiment for grilled meat. It originated in the countryside of Argentina, Uruguay, and Colombia.” This recipe is of the green variety....
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Fermented salsa snack

Aviator Eats: Fermented Salsa

Aviator Eats: Fermented Salsa After hours we’ve been eating around the world (#TakeoutTuesday) and watching a ton YouTube so this recipe is inspired by one of our favorite cuisines (Tex-Mex) and YouTube show (Bon Appetit’s “It’s Alive with Brad Leone”). This recipe also has a nifty added bonus! Last week our recipe was pickles and...
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