A Peek into A Gymnast’s Life

What it means to live a gymnast’s life

Being a gymnast takes practice, determination, and dedication. Those who make it to the upper levels of competitive gymnastics begin their amateur career knowing it requires time and dedication to perfecting their craft. Here are some of the things that go into a gymnast’s life.

Flexibility is critical.

To maximize your talent, no matter your chosen gymnastics discipline, you must be limber.  One of the biggest differences between a good and a great gymnast is the ability to show a range of motion and artistic mastery of exercises. This is dramatically more noticeable the more flexible you are.

Focus on Fearlessness

Gymnastics requires a risk taker’s mindset. Some skills peak unless one is willing to take additional risks. A good gymnastics coach will consistently analyze your ability level, to determine how much risk the gymnast is capable of taking. To continue growing, you must be willing to range outside of your comfort zone and do so regularly.

Change Your Diet

Top level athletes across disciplines must change their diet to increase stamina, focus, energy and muscle strength. Gymnastics is no different. A gymnast’s life should include eating lots of vegetables, protein, fruit, and plant fiber (organic food is better than processed). They should also stay away from fried, fatty foods, and sweets. Finally, water is critical.

While there are many aspects of being a gymnast, including developing a routine and hiring the right coaches to guide development, it is essential that a gymnast takes the time to focus on these three components, especially when new to the sport.

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By Cabril DeAbreu

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