Looking At Aviator Break Camp

Looking at Aviator’s Break Camp

Schools are on break for President’s Week, but Aviator’s break camp is in full session. With fun events and activities, kids are kept engaged and active throughout the day. We take a closer look at Aviator’s Break Camp to see what’s in a day.

Early Morning

Campers are met with a smile on Main Street and head to the courts. It’s only 9 AM, but you can already hear activity ramping up in the building. The first camper activities are rock climbing and sky jump. Once camp staff makes sure the safety equipment is secure, the kids are free to get the energy flowing.


Now that everyone is warmed up, it’s time to cool down a bit on the ice. The rink is opened, and campers ice skating begins. With camp and skate staff on hand, all skate levels are accommodated and made comfortable.

Lunch Time

Lunch is provided for all the campers, including hearty offerings such as pasta and chicken and rice; hosted in the Aviator Gymnastics party rooms.

Early Afternoon

Campers split up by grade level for activates, with the youngest campers getting their first taste of gymnastics. Older campers break for arts and crafts in the party rooms. Introductory gymnastics is a great way for the campers to build flexibility, balance, and concentration. After about an hour the older campers make their way to gymnastics and the younger to the art rooms.

Mid Afternoon

The younger campers swap rock climbing and sky jump, but the older campers get a new activity, Aviator Athletics. Campers making their way to our modern fitness center get to work on their physical fitness with Aviator’s sports performance team and camp leaders.

End of Day

Campers close the day with healthy snack options to replenish their energy after a long, fun day.

If you’re worried when school is closed, just think Aviator Sports’ break camp. Break camp is a great way to keep your kids active during their week off. With fun activities and dedicated, patient, and friendly camp counselors, campers are free to feel safe, comfortable and be themselves.



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