Aviator Limelight: “Sir Trevor of Brooklyn” Weaver

Get to know Aviator Sports & Events Center staff better! We think our employees are amazing — and we think you’ll agree! Meet the Aviator Team in our Aviator Limelight Series.

This Weeks Spotlight features Trevor Weaver, who graced us with a great writeup:

I am Trevor “Sir Trevor of Brooklyn” Weaver. I was looking for a change of pace and was thankful to begin working at Aviator in January 2017 after 5 years of working for a non-profit organization focused on changing the lives of the children in Harlem, NY. As part of the Aviator Youth Programs department, I have the position of Manager on the Afterschool and Summer Camp team. I support our director Jason Vasquez with creating a quality Afterschool and Summer Camp program for our Aviator families in hopes that they will come back year after year for the Aviator experience.

It took me a while to adjust to the vibe of Aviator’s staff. I was not entirely used to having everyone know and greet you warmly throughout the day. It’s personally an aspect of working here that I truly appreciate. Also as a sports enthusiast the concept of working in a facility where you are within walking distance of an ice rink, basketball courts, and football fields is a treat for me.

I have been working with children in some capacity since 1999. As a child my mother, a registered nurse in Labor & Delivery would sneak me into the ward where I would dress in doctor’s scrubs and I would burp the newborns after I fed them their formula. New mothers weren’t sure if they saw a child feeding their baby or if the meds from giving birth had not worn off yet.

Now I get to impart my experience on others and get to be silly with the children and get paid for it. I find that the best of both worlds. Through the years my interest change but they always revolve around the betterment of youth. My inspirations vary from a cool kid in the 4th grade to a father and his daughter on Instagram. My biggest inspirations are my wife, Melissa, of 6 yrs and our 3 yr old Savannah. They are everything I need as for as comedians, best friends, debaters and overall focus for me to best person I can.

Fun Facts About Sir Trevor of Brooklyn:

  1. My teams are the Nets, Jets, Mets, Islanders, NC State Wolfpack, where I went to college, Social Work Major, and now I am a proud supporter of The Arsenal football club.
  2. My parents are from the beautiful island of Antigua, 365 beaches. I was born in Brooklyn.
  3. I have 18 siblings….long story.
  4. On the “ Cosby Show” Malcolm Jamal-Warner’s character of Theo Huxtable working in an after school program while in college, was a huge influence that made me think it would be cool to dedicate myself to helping children.
  5. There is a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial that aired during March Madness a few years ago, true story.
  6. If I could be on Game of Thrones, I would be Sir Trevor of Brooklyn.
  7. I should have been on Sesame Street as a child, my opinion.
  8. I shared an airplane with Jimmy Carter. Savannah was with me she’ll tell you.
  9. Big Coldplay fan, can’t tell me nothing about my guys. They’re my daughter’s godfathers in my mind.
  10. I have a secret talent…..it’s a secret!
  11. I once played a piano recital in Carnegie Hall. I scored in the 90th I have big hands and my fingers hit the wrong key.
  12. If you ever see my Google history you’d see a lot of interest in Early Childhood and Fathers. I feel very strongly about the importance of positive male influence in a child’s life.
  13. I hope to focus on and cultivate an initiative with the purpose to highlight and appreciate fathers and positive male role models. @letsgodads
  14. Ironic that I have been raised 90% by strong women but the times spent with my dad and constant contact with me since he would be in Antigua for most of my youth, and I in Brooklyn made an impact on me.
  15. Favorite Artists Coldplay, Adele, Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak
  16. If I were a DJ, my DJ name would be DJ BInTWo (Best In The World), Inspired by CM Punk, I’m a wrestling fan.
  17. I want to learn to ice skate. If I can do that my time at Aviator would totally be worth it.
  18. I love to garden as attribute to my mom who loved it. I planted a fig tree years ago. I’m very proud of it. Now as summer concludes I pick and eat a Black Mission fig each morning, they say it’s good for people with asthma.
  19. My dream is to sit front row at the Barclays for a Nets game….for free.
  20. The 1st day of school falls on my birthday, I always wanted my birthday party in school but I always felt it was too early in the school year to turn up.
  21. Last FUN FACT: Friends say I’m wordy. I don’t see it……right?


…Just remember Trevor 15ft. away 😉

Stay tuned for more staff introductions from The Aviator Limelight Series!


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