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Aviator Predicts WHere NBA Free Agents Sign

Aviator picks the destination of the top NBA free agents (that might actually go somewhere else)

Let’s face it, Knicks and Nets fans. Lebron James didn’t opt out of his 1+1 deal in Cleveland so that he could bring a trophy to New York. With free agency officially beginning at midnight tonight, here are the top five free agents that could, but won’t necessarily, change teams this offseason.

  1. Kevin Durant – Oklahoma City Thunder, 2 years, 58.5 million dollar contract with a player option- Durant is the premier free agent available and has meetings lined up with six teams on July 1st. Despite his flirtations with other teams, the money Durant can make this coming season is significantly greater in OKC than any other destination. After the salary cap gets raised yet again at season’s end, he could opt out and leave when Russell Westbrook is due to be a free agent also.
  2. Dwayne Wade- Miami Heat, 3 years, 75 million dollar contract with a player option after year one. There are rumblings that Wade is unhappy with the lowball offers he has received Miami and has put out feelers to the Spurs and Mavericks. Despite this, we just can’t see the legend leaving the team he has become synonymous with.
  3. Dwight Howard- Miami Heat, 2 years, 50 million dollar contract with a team option. After losing out on their preference to sign Hassan Whiteside, the Heat will go get Howard to give Wade some help filling that void. Miami may be a larger market than many fans expect for Howard, but the move to a competitive team would make sense for the big man in need of a good season.
  4. Pau Gasol- Cleveland Cavaliers, 2 years, 22 million dollar contract with a mutual option. Perhaps this choice is a little unorthodox, but we can totally see it happening. Gasol has a habit of playing in systems surrounded by excellent players, and Cleveland, seriously, has got to give Kevin Love some help.
  5. Hassan Whiteside- Dallas Mavericks, 4 years, about 85 million dollars. We aren’t 100% clear on the exact value of a maximum deal but reports from several sources say Whiteside will have a maximum offer on the table from the Dallas Mavericks, and we believe he will accept said offer to go right the wrong done by DeAndre Jordan in Dallas.
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