Aviator’s Introduction to Parkour

Aviator’s Introduction to Parkour

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about parkour or free running lately (which is no surprise, it looks pretty cool!). If you’re an enthusiast, you may have already seen the videos on YouTube and begun traceur training. For the beginners, however, it can seem like a lot of information to take in, and you probably don’t know where to start. No worries we have you covered. Follow this introduction to parkour guide to get going.

First things first… What is parkour?

Parkour is the sport of getting through a course or across an obstacle filled space in the most direct route, typically using alternative means. These can include: scaling, jumping and running. When combined with free running, you get more of the flipping and spinning that you see in many parkour videos online.

How did parkour come to be?

Raymond & David Belle are considered the initial force behind the modern-day parkour movement. David Belle. Through conversations with his father Raymond, David realized that what he wanted was a means to develop skills that would be useful to him in life, rather than just training to kick a ball or perform moves in a padded, indoor environment. (1)

What are some important things to remember about parkour?

1.Parkour and free running are different disciplines.

2.Parkour requires core strength, balance and a significant amount of physical fitness.

3.There is no defined course or mandated regiment for parkour; you can do whatever you enjoy the most and work on whichever routines interest you the most.

Where can you practice parkour and free running?

Many traceurs use local outdoor locations to create their course and likewise their routines. If you are experiencing, then the world is your practice site. As a beginner, you may feel more comfortable practicing your routines indoor, in a cushioned environment. If that is the case, parkour gyms are opening in the New York area with some regularity, including the parkour course here at Aviator Sports.

Need help developing skills?

At Aviator, we have an experienced team of parkour coaches, looking to help you maximize your sessions and increase your skillset. You can check them out on Instagram and catch them at the parkour classes, held Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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