The Benefits of Figure Skating

freestyle skating, ice skating classes, ice skating camps, ice skating classes for kids, kids ice skating classes, learn to skate kids, childrens learn to skate, ice skating lessons, ice skating schoolNot every kid is interested in the rough-and-tumble play of team sports. However, they all need physical exercise. Figure skating offers a unique opportunity for kids to become physically fit while expressing themselves creatively. The obvious health benefits of figure skating are just the start.

What are the benefits of figure skating for Kids?

The benefits of figure skating for kids encompass a wide range. Below, we will cover the most important benefits.

Physical fitness

Figure skating builds strength and endurance and provides aerobic conditioning for kids of all ages. But the health benefits can also be more subtle than sheer muscle power.

  • Builds core balance muscles
  • Improves posture and coordination
  • Increases agility and flexibility

From the fine motor skills involved in lacing up their skates to the sheer muscle power involved in complex jumps, figure skating is an excellent head-to-toe workout.

Mental health

Figure skating is just fun – and there’s a reason we love it so much. Figure skating has been shown to improve mental health. It provides kids with a chance to blow off steam while relaxing mentally.freestyle ice skating, freestyle skating, freestyle ice skate, freestyle figure skating, freestyle skate

Figure skating can even reduce anxiety and improve memory and attention span.

Figure skating gives kids a chance to focus on the moment and shake off daily cares while gliding over the ice.

Building resilience

Anyone who’s ever strapped on skates knows the feeling of falling flat on their rump on the ice. It can be a real moment of embarrassment.

Ironically, the only way to escape humiliation is to get back up and try again.

While no one thinks falling down is funny, it’s just a part of ice skating. Even the best skaters take a tumble now and then.

Figure skating, by its very nature, teaches kids to be persistent. That feeling of flying across the ice is so exhilarating, they can’t help but want to overcome any obstacles to master the skill.

Developing independence

Children who plan to skate competitively have made a big decision for their lives. Figure skating at a high level requires commitment and self-discipline. But, even the most casual skater needs to learn to prepare for lessons.

To enjoy their new sport, kids will learn how to schedule their other obligations and manage their equipment.

Whole kid expression

While some kids enjoy the more focused goal of physical competition in sport, figure skating sometimes requires more thoughtful involvement.

Figure skating is not just a sport — it can also be a performance. This opens the field for creative expression when it comes to the details.

As a combination of theatrics and athletics, figure skating provides kids with a chance to make an artistic impression through the use of music, costuming, and emotional tone.

Improves social skills

Whether working with a team or skating as a pair, figure skating helps kids develop social skills. During sessions, kids learn to interact with new people and coordinate activities. Even kids who only skate for fun improve communication skills and participate more in their groups.

Because figure skating means both rooting for and competing against teammates, they also develop a healthy attitude toward friendly competition.

Provides positive role models

In most sports, it’s the men that take the spotlight. Football, basketball, hockey, and baseball all offer boys hundreds of heroes to admire.

But figure skating is an arena where the ladies get the center stage. The world of figure skating offers many outstanding women role models for young girls. In figure skating, women dominate the field with a combination of their sheer athletic power and artistic grace.

But that doesn’t mean that figure skating is just for girls, either.

Translatable sports skills

Figure skating offers a host of role models for all kids. Buffalo Sabres hockey player Jeff Skinner got his start as a figure skater. So did Norris Trophy winner, Scott Niedermayer.

Figure skating results in more nimble hockey players, more suited for new NHL rules to reduce head injuries.

Stanley Cup winners, the Tampa Bay Lightning, owe much of their success to their figure skating coaches.

Figure Skating is Suitable for All Kids

Although figure skating can be a competitive sport, it doesn’t have to be. With ice rinks in most major cities, like Aviator Sport in Brooklyn, nearly any child can learn to figure skate for fun, as well.

Figure skating improves the social and psychological well-being of kids, whatever their abilities. Coaches at Aviator Sport are rigorously trained on how to adapt their lessons to children of all levels.

With its exciting blend of fun, fitness, and artistic expression, the benefits of figure skating offer every child a chance to shine.

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