Dodgeball, a game once confined to school gymnasiums, is making a big comeback! Both fun and fitness­based, dodgeball is a great recreational option that doesn’t require much equipment. If you have a court, six rubber­-coated foam balls, six to 10 players, and a whistle, you are ready to get in the game! Simply divide your players into two equal teams and throw balls at players on the opposing team to eliminate them. Learn more about the logistics of dodgeball by watching this short video. If you are interested in dodgeball or any other recreational activities, visit Aviator Sports And Events Center. Our convenient New York location, situated just 10 miles from Lower Manhattan, offers the perfect recreation retreat. Whether you are interested in basketball and soccer or gymnastics and ice skating, our facility offers a family fun recreation option! Contact us today at 718-758-7500 to learn more.


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