Corporate teams are great tools for building rewarding relationships in the business world. If you are interested in organizing a corporate team, or motivating your current team, Aviator Sports and Events Center has event spaces and fun activities that are perfect for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about how we make it easy to build and motivate corporate teams.

Catering Options
In between playing sports or participating in some other group activities, we offer you and your corporate team plenty of catering options. With large and small event spaces and even an outdoor picnic area, we help you set the scene for your team­-building aspirations. Our catering menu provides the choices that you need to keep everyone well fed and satiated.

A Variety of Sports
Whether you want to organize a basketball game or a volleyball tournament, we have the equipment and facilities that you need to do it right. We have basketball, baseball, flag football, ice skating, gymnastics, ice hockey, rock climbing, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. This means that you can play a variety of sports throughout the year and continue to work on your corporate team­-building even after one season ends.

The Right Kind of Atmosphere
At Aviator Sports and Events Center, we are all about teams. Our center has the right kind of atmosphere to encourage your group to work together toward a common goal. Enhance your corporate opportunities by coming together at a sports and events center that makes it easy to find out what it really means to be a team.

Whether you are looking to create a new team or find a new spot for your current team, Aviator Sports and Events Center is here for you. As the largest center of our kind in New York City, we give you everything you need to play together. To learn more, call 718-758-7500

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