By: Trevor Symister-Weaver 

In our previous entry we began answering some basic question ranging from registration to location, even wait list. We covered a lot but there are more questions to go in order to make a really informed decision regarding Summer Camp 2018 here at Aviator so let’s jump into it! Speaking of jumping in, did we mention we have 2 above ground pools you can jump into for the Summer? Well, now you know.



10.) Once you register for camp, can you make a change?

You are more than welcome to make a necessary adjustment to your original planned schedule of attendance. The sooner the better so that our team will be able to make the necessary changes.

11.) Has the camp been featured in the local press?

We have been in local blogs such Bklyner, Mommy Poppins and Community Newsgroup. You may have also seen our ads on Facebook. Yes, THAT Facebook!

12.) Are there prerequisites to enrollment?

All campers must have a valid physical / medical record including immunizations prior to attending camp. Lastly, your child must be between 3 years – 14 years of age and YES, we DO card at the door.

13.) Does the camp offer financial aid or scholarships?

Unfortunately, Aviator’s Summer Camp program does not offer scholarships or financial assistance. Fear not, you can always ask us about current discounts which are in place to alleviate the financial burden.

14.) Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, what’s better than having one child in our Summer Camp? Answer – Having ALL your children in our Summer Camp. $200 off of the sibling’s account for full Summer Session and $100 off for signing a sibling up for 1 session.  The more the merrier. Mo’ siblings, mo’ discounts.

15.) Is there a discount for referring friends?

That is very thoughtful of you to ask. We DO have a Referral Discount. If you refer a new family to our Summer Camp, you will receive a $50 credit after they register for full Summer. As the song says, “that’s what friends are for”.

16.) Does the camp offer promotions throughout the year?

Yes, we do. We offer specials throughout the year leading to the Summer. Please feel free to call our Camps department (718) 758- 7518 for the latest offering of discounts sure to save you money.

17.) Can I pay for camp in installments?

You sure can. Once you put down your $500 deposit for each child, you have until June 1 for completed payment. After June 1st, a $50 late fee will added. The earlier you begin the more time you have to complete payment in a timely manner.

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