Making Your Corporate Outing Count

Making Your Corporate Outings Count

Corporate Outings are cut from the same cloth as school field trips you looked forward to as a child. The same concept applies, taking a collection of personalities, some more compatible with you than others, and gathering together in a foreign environment for some bonding. It’s a chance to really mingle with Delores from HR outside of the light break room chatter or REALLY learn how that diet has been going for Chuck.


This would be the most conventional use of your corporate outing, but there’s a reason for that. There is no better way to showcase your cooperation with each other than our teambuilding exercises. For those with physical limitations don’t fret, you won’t have to sit out on the fun. Although there are more demanding games like relay races, we have more thought-provoking exercises like the human knot and silent birth order.


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You won’t be forced to make your outing a productive one, sometimes dipping the feet in the water and absorbing the necessary amount of vitamin D is all you want. There’s two side-by-side pools for you to lounge by and savor in the aroma of the barbecue.


Turning a portion of your corporate outing into a mini-golf outing is now possible with our new Golf Center. You’ll get to see the timidest people in the office put their patience to the test when they attempt to get over the green plateaus and past the tedious obstacles. This course is accessible whether you’re competitive or easy going, just stay clear of any hot heads from the office.


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This is an option for those who are looking to wind down and let their artistic spirit free, especially for those creative industries like design and marketing who love to show their work. Another takeaway from this will be your very own painted portrait to commemorate your day here with us.


This one might seem like a bit of a stretch and at first, there might be some apprehension, but improv coach Leif Riddell is here to channel that part of your brain. He’ll have you thinking on your feet with some of the industry’s improv practices to see how resourceful you can be with coming up with scenarios and responses to situations you’ve never encountered before.


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This is where it gets personal, this is where debts are collected, from think tank to dunk tank release your frustrations on your coworkers. Urban Resource Institute’s CEO, Nathaniel Fields, sitting on the edge of the steel plank with his feet hovering over the chilled oasis. His fate was sealed from the start, but he surely earned the respect of his fellow associates.

You can brush up on your corporate outings on our dedicated corporate events page here. Still, don’t think we’re good enough, then hopefully you’ll take these expert opinions into account from people who have already had their corporate outings with us.

“The team at Aviator has set the bar that will be the measure of service for us for staff events to come, with them being the best we have worked with.”

-Shelly Michaels, Urban Resource Institute

“My wife who was volunteering for the day loved the space and the atmosphere so much that I believe she was considering bringing her organization for a staff day as well!”

-Vagnes deLa Rosa, Safe Horizon


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