Fall Youth Programs: Learn to Skate, Learn to Play

Looking for the perfect afterschool activity this fall? Many parents know children need interests outside of school to broaden their horizons. Fall youth programs that incorporate sports are an excellent choice. They give kids a chance to blow off steam, get some exercise, and meet new friends.

Learn to Skate USA is a national program that gets boys, girls, and even adults out on the ice and having a blast. By providing fun and positive experiences for kids, the organization works to make ice skating accessible, so children discover the joy of gliding on the ice and gaining new skills.

Ice skating is a sport that helps kids grow and learn in a fun way. There’s nothing like whooshing over the ice at full speed to create bliss. And there’s nothing that builds confidence like learning even the most basic skills of ice skating.

Ice skating offers big wins throughout your child’s learning experience. From the first time they stop themselves from falling to the moment they learn to skate backward. Ice skating is a journey of mastery, as your child goes from basic skating skills to more complicated moves, like shooting a goal or executing jumps.

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Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate fall youth programs ensure your child starts in the right class. It teaches the basics that everyone needs to maneuver on the ice. Kids as young as age three can learn how to get around on the rink.

But that doesn’t mean it’s just for young children. Even teens and adults will find Learn to Skate classes with others their age who are new to skating.

Skills taught

Some of the basic skills in the Learn to Skate program include:

  • Getting up and down from the ice (because falling is inevitable)
  • Walking on the ice
  • Forward one and two-foot glides
  • Safe snowplow stops
  • Backward glides

And much more…

Fall Youth Programs for Figure Skating

Learn to Skate

Once your child learns the basic skills of skating, they may want to explore the world of figure skating. Figure skating offers kids a chance to combine athletics with art, to create a performance that shows off their athletic abilities while putting on a great show.

Ice skating offers four different disciplines, although many of the skills your child will learn will overlap.

  • Singles (men and women)
  • Pairs
  • Ice Dance
  • Synchronized skating

Fall Youth Programs for Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is becoming more popular than ever before. Both boys and girls across the country have enrolled in youth ice hockey programs to learn to play.

Learn to Play Hockey

Peewee hockey

Team sports provide so many critical life lessons for children. Health experts say that team sports provide a number of benefits for young people, such as overall improved physical and mental health.

  1. Less stress and less depression
  2. Higher self-esteem
  3. Less high-risk behavior
  4. Better bone density
  5. Less obesity
  6. Lowered risk of diabetes and cancer

Participation in team sports can also increase success in your child’s academic life and future career.

Many youth advocates say that team sports are one of the best ways to prepare your child for the real world.

Along with providing them with a major boost to their self-confidence, it helps teach them how to manage work relationships in the future. They’ll learn:

  1. How to compete with others in a healthy way
  2. Coordination skills with a wide range of people
  3. How to work with others to reach mutual goals
  4. To be responsible for themselves and others
  5. How to lead and inspire others in a group effort

Aviator Sports Fall Youth Programs in Brooklyn

Parents in Brooklyn rely on Aviator Sports. Our state-of-the-art facility on Flatbush Avenue offers a wide range of activities and organized afterschool activities for kids.

With two NHL-sized rinks, our popular Learn to Skate program offers kids from ages 3 to 15 an opportunity to conquer the ice. Whether your child is just curious about ice skating or dreams of Olympic glory, our beginner skate program will teach them the basics they need.

And because ice skating is a life-long passion, Aviator Sports also offers fall youth programs in figure skating and ice hockey. We offer group lessons, freestyle sessions, and skating camps, along with world-class figure skating coaches.

Aviator Sports offers How to Play Hockey classes for boys and girls ages 4 to 15. Your future hockey player will go through three levels of sports development from the basics to advanced skills. Hockey Learn to Skate teaches ice skating fundamentals in the context of the game. More advanced classes focus on game skills such as passing, puck control, and shooting goals.

Find out more by visiting Aviator Sports or registering for classes while space remains.

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