Choosing A Summer Camp : FAQs Answered (Part 1)

Last week we began our series on important questions to ask when choosing an awesome Summer camp for your child. This week, we begin answering the questions as you consider Aviator Sports for your Summer Camp. In the coming weeks we will be answering all of the previously posted questions but if there are some questions that you may have that were not asked please feel free to contact our Camps department for immediate answers to your concerns.

DON’T FORGET: Super Early Bird rates are available now until Dec.1st, please contact our Camps department for more details.

Aviator Summer Camp FAQs

1.) How long has the camp been in business?

 The camp has been in service for 11 years, however the most recent and complete revamp of the Summer Camp was achieved Summer 2016. 

2.) How many campers attend each summer?

Last summer nearly 500 campers experienced Aviator’s Summer camp in 2017 which was a 200 camper increase from 2015. That’s A LOT of friendship bracelets. We better start braiding now.

3.) Where is Summer Camp held?

Summer Camp is held right here at Floyd Bennett Field. A former NYC airport, now home to Aviator Sports and Events. Ever heard of camp on a plane? Neither have we, but we should look into that. #CampAmongTheClouds

4.) What is the background and experience of camp directors?

Director Jason Vasquez operates the Summer Camp program with Youth Manager, Trevor Weaver. Combined these gentlemen bring nearly 30 years of experience working with school age children. Trust us, we have experienced a lot.

5.) What makes the camp different?

Have you ever gone swimming and Ice Skating in the summer in the same day? NO? Then don’t deny your child the mind blowing experience of going from skates to swim shoes in less than an hour. Very few Summer Camps have the ability to offer, Rockwall Climbing, Go-Carts, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Ice Skating & Swimming daily without with having to travel excessively. Aviator carries all these exciting activities and more in one secure facility.

6.) What is the camp’s registration process like?

Easier than planning dinner for a picky eater! A Summer Camp registration form has to be filled out in full. A valid medical record must be provided.

7.) When can I register or sign up for camp?

RIGHT NOW! The earlier the better. It allows you to take advantage of MAJOR savings provided by Aviator. Currently SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIALS are available until DECEMBER 1, 2017. Do not miss out on these major savings.

8.)What is the last day to register or sign up?

To get the best  Early Bird discounts the last day to register would be Dec. 1, 2017. Afterwards you can continue to register at any time depending on what your needs  are for Summer Camp. Although we are determined to ALWAYS give you the best value for your dollar it gets no better than the SUPER Early Bird discount. Enrollment is ongoing but we don’t want you to be THAT parent, you know what I mean?  Sure you do. WINK!

9.)Does the camp have a wait list?

Aviator’s Summer Camp is held in Hangar 5 in Floyd Bennett Field. If you have not been to Aviator before, please set up an appointment to visit our facility. Needless to say we have PLENTY of space for our campers.  Having such money saving opportunities, such as our Super Early Bird discounts, should result in many more families taking advantage of a great program. We welcome increased interest and registration that would result in having to create a waiting list. Do you accept the challenge?

Stay tuned for next week’s Part 2 for more of your FAQS answered by our Youth Programs Manager!

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