FAQs for Choosing the Right Summer Camp

Searching for an enjoyable 2018 Summer Camp begins with asking important questions. The purpose of these inquiries is to best paint a picture of how your children’s Summer will be spent. It will also serves to clarify your expectations when it comes to a variety of concerns for your little one ranging from nutrition, safety, activities and flow of the day just to name a few.

Summer Camps serve millions of families each year across the nation, you can only imagine some of the questions potential campers ask as they decide where to experience their Summer vacation.

We have posted some questions you may want to consider when choosing a Summer camp to attend. Please review these questions and Aviator’s youth department will begin answering them for you to review beginning Friday, November 17th as part of an ongoing series to help our families make a better informed decision when researching Aviator Sports Summer Camp as a possible destination for their children’s Summer experience.

Aviator Summer Camp FAQs

1) How long has the camp been in business?

2)How many campers attend each summer?

3)Where is Summer Camp held?

4)What is the background and experience of camp directors?

5)What makes the camp different? 

6)What is the camp’s registration process like? 

7)When can I register or sign up for camp?

8)What is the last day to register or sign up?

9)Does the camp have a wait list? 

10)Once you register for camp, can you make a change? 

11)Has the camp been featured in the local press?

12)Are there prerequisites to enrollment?

13)Does the camp offer financial aid or scholarships?

14)Is there a discount for referring friends? 

15)Does the camp offer promotions throughout the year?

16)Is there a sibling discount? 

17)Can I pay for camp in installments? 

18)Can I register now and then add camp options at a later date? 

19)Do you accept outside grants or scholarships?

20)What are the student to staff ratios?


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