Finding an affordable and hassle-­free outing for field trips and school events in Brooklyn can be a challenge, but Aviator Sports and Events Center makes field trip planning easy with convenient on­site parking and security along with a dedicated field trip staff.

The options for interactive, educational trips are nearly endless, as kids can learn the basics of physics, leaping and jumping in the gymnastics, or taking a lesson in flight with our flight simulator. When the weather is right, outdoor activities like baseball and soccer may capture the attention of your group. Ice skating is available all year round, so you might have a winter wonderland outing in any season. No matter what type of activities you include in your trip, chaperones will have an easy time supervising from upper­-level viewing areas.

Field Trip Planning at Aviators

To contact Aviator Sports and Events Center about your next field trip, visit our field trip and grouping outings page on our website, call us at 718-758-7500, or email We entertain guests of all ages with facilities fit for all types of sporting events and games.

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