Fun Runs For The Win

In the midst of Ironman’s, half-marathons and Ultras, there’s fun runs. Whenever I throw on a tutu for a 5k or take part in a race that ends in glow paint or mud pits, I always end up laughing. It’s hard to take yourself seriously when the guy next to you is in a Disney princess costume. Laughing while running enhances the mind-body connection that you should be enjoying yourself. If you haven’t been doing fun runs lately, you’re missing out. Here’s six reasons why you should check ‘em out:

  1. There’s better prizes: If you do some searching, you can find races where athletes can take home local artwork, backpacks, sunglasses, beer mugs, etc.Sure, medals are cool – but can you drink your frosty post-race beer out of ‘em? Fun runs for the win
  2. Individuality: Forget about how experienced of a runner you are or people passing you up – First time runners to seasoned athletes. Some Fun runners participate as a celebration or capstone to healthy living accomplishments, while others participate for reasons unique to them. It’s all about having a good time and enjoying the event.
  3. You can dress up: Fun runs are the perfect event to dust off that crazy outfit you’ve been stashing in the back of your closet. From animal costumes to superhero costumes to decking out in body paint, there are endless possibilities to be creative.
  4. Social Opportunity: Signing up to a fun run with friends or family members is a great way to spend more time together on event day. Encouraging and inspiring each another, you start running for more reasons than your own and become more motivated to see it through – and of course have fun along the way! Alternatively, fun runs unite people with a shared interest and are an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals.
  5. It reignites the spark: When we first start running, we’re infatuated by all the excitement and novelty. We can’t wait to get home to spend some quality time in our running shoes! Once we fall into a routine and a rut, it’s hard to get those same butterflies we once had. Suddenly, those same running shoes are as sexy as a catfish. Doing a fun run breaks up the routine and reminds us of those butterflies we once had.
  6. Giving Back: Who doesn’t love the opportunity to highlight the causes they stand for? Most fun runs participate with a wide variety of charities to raise donations and help shine a light on their amazing work within society.

Be sure to head over to Aviator’s Event Page to see all our upcoming fun runs and obstacle courses. See you at the after party!

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