Group athletic activity doubles as an outlet for physical and social energy, helping children improve their fitness and develop interpersonal skills that can last a lifetime. At Aviator Sports and Events Center in New York City, making exercise as safe, fun, and rewarding as possible for the children and adults who use our services are our primary goals. From basketball leagues to rock climbing birthday parties, our facilities are equipped to host all manner of group activities. Traditional team sports in which we offer group play include basketball, volleyball, and soccer. We also promote the practice of gymnastics, ice skating, and flag football in group settings. New York City residents looking for a rock wall to utilize can find it in our Brooklyn Center. We even have the space and equipment necessary to help team leaders facilitate effective team building activities. If any of these  athletic group activities sounds like what you are seeking for your children, your team, or yourself, give Aviator Sports and Events Center a call at 718-758-7500.

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