The lure of video games, computers, and smartphones is keeping many kids stuck inside on the couch instead of being active. The result of this behavior can been seen in the staggering rates of childhood obesity in the United States. One way to make activity a bigger part of your kids’ lives is to find an organized sport they enjoy. Gymnastics is a great activity that offers a long list of advantages for young participants. At Aviator Sports and Events Center, we provide gymnastics classes to kids of all fitness levels in our New York City location. Here is a look at some of the ways your kids can benefit from taking part in gymnastics.

Learning Discipline
Gymnastics requires practice and determination when it comes to learning to perform new moves precisely and safely. Participants must dedicate themselves to practice both in and out of the gym, so they learn both the importance of discipline and the rewards of hard work. Because gymnasts must maintain a high level of fitness, participants must also stay committed to being active and in shape.

Improving Social Skills
As with most sports, gymnastics gives kids an opportunity to interact both with peers and with coaches. They learn about the benefits of teamwork, the importance of supporting their teammates, and how to win and lose with grace and humility. Through interaction with coaches, kids learn respect for authority and how to apply advice and constructive criticism in healthy ways.

Increasing Physical Activity
One of the biggest benefits of gymnastics is simply that it gets kids moving. By taking part in a gymnastics class, your children will spend time away from sedentary activities and get their hearts pumping. Being active helps to prevent obesity and related diseases, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, which are becoming increasingly common in young people.

Make being active part of your family’s lifestyle with help from Aviator Sports and Events Center. From ice skating to team sports, our New York City activities center offers a wealth of family-
friendly activities. Find out more about sports, classes, and much more by calling 718-758-7500.

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