How Much Summer Camp is Not Enough?

Your kid is home from school all day for the summer, but now what? If you’ve been looking for a summer camp program, you may have shrugged it off because of complicated schedules and application cutoff dates. Maybe it doesn’t seem worth it because there isn’t much of the summer left. How much summer camp is not enough?Summer Day Camp Water Slide

Summertime Blues

Even in late July, kids can benefit from a summer day camp program. Especially once the novelty of school-free days has worn off.

Your child has already conquered the boss in their current video game. They’ve checked off their summer reading list. They’re bored, underfoot, and climbing the walls. It’s time for a summer camp program.

And the good news is that even a week or two is enough.

Best Summer Holiday

With all the activities and new friends to meet, even a short time at summer day camp can feel like a vacation inside a vacation for your child.

Keeping a young child busy with fun activities and learning opportunities isn’t always in the cards. After all, parents don’t get a summer break. Summer camp offers your child a full schedule of new experiences in an exciting but safe environment.

Along with games, activities, and sports, a summer camp scenario:Carnival dunk tanks at Summer Camp

  • Teaches new skills
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Promotes independence
  • Improves physical fitness
  • Stimulates social skills
  • Introduces new role models
  • Reduces time in front of a screen

Summer program benefits for preschool students

The results are in, and studies show that a short summer program can help preschoolers transition easier into kindergarten.

Many preschoolers may be up to the academic challenges of kindergarten. However, many teachers say small children find the social aspects a bit overwhelming.

Summer day camp introduces preschoolers to important social cues involved in taking turns, sharing, and working with other kids.

Summer camp benefits for tweens and teens

Many parents worry about the decisions their kids make on the way to independence. Summer sports camp programs, even as short as a week, have been shown to reduce risk taking behavior in teens.

A similar week-long summer program helped other kids deal with depression and anxiety issues.

Researchers also found that participation in a summer program also resulted in better school attendance in teens.

Healthy Summer Activities for All Ages

There’s no ignoring the childhood obesity epidemic, with one in six American kids between the ages of 10 to 17 registering as obese. Scientists have found that the problem gets even worse over the summer.

Lack of daily structure often leads to a sedentary lifestyle, more screentime, and more opportunities for bad food choices.

But researchers have found that organized summer activities can reduce a child’s risk of obesity and lower their BMI through physical activity and a consistent daily schedule.

Building Confidence

Summer Campers Ice Skating at day camp

Experts agree that summer programs and out-of-school activities provide children with a chance for healthy social development. As our schools become increasingly focused on stricter academic metrics, kids get fewer opportunities to develop emotionally by creating healthy relationships with peers and adults.

Summer camp programs help your child become themselves more fully. In a new environment, your child develops the ability to break out of bad habits and discover new aspects of themselves. This helps them become more confident in themselves.

Away from teachers and parents, your child finds themselves making more decisions, relying on their own instincts, and developing a strong sense of self-reliance.

This kind of independence is critical for your child as they move throughout their school career. It gives them the confidence they need to take ownership of their education as they progress toward college.

Endless Summer

All parents know instinctively that small children need supervision, but what about older kids? The truth is that every child, even teenagers, can benefit from a summer camp program. Not only will they get the supervision they need, but they’ll also make new friends, try new activities, and may even surprise you with a new passion for sports.

Aviator Summer Day Camp offers kids full days of fun where they can learn social skills and become more independent.

Aviator has summer day camp programs for kids from 4 to 15, with many age-appropriate activities from sports to swimming instruction to arts and crafts.

Make an appointment to tour our extensive facilities, which include three pools, two ice rinks, a mini golf center, and pedal go-karts.

Best of all, it’s never too late to enroll. Aviator offers continuous enrollment all summer long. So, there’s always room for your child in the program. Simply register the week prior to your desired start date.

Aviator Summer Day Camps

Aviator Sports Camps

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