How To Make A “Peanut”

How To Make a Peanut

In this video Griffin, Head Trainer of Aviator Athletic Academy demonstrates how to make a “Peanut.” A peanut is a versatile tool for working out sore muscles. Using a Peanut is perfect for those who don’t have a tool such as a foam roller at home or the need to relieve some tension in the muscles on the go.

Making a peanut requires only two tools, duct tape and (2) balls of the same size. Taping the two balls together and making a crevice creates a cost-efficient mobility tool. Similar devices often titled “Mobility Peanut” are sold on websites such as Amazon for as much as $25. While these professionally made models are more pleasing aesthetically a homemade peanut is just as effective at a fraction of the cost. A peanut can be used all over your body but is especially effective when you roll out your spine, back, neck and shoulders. The peanut can be used to break up the adhesions in your myofascial system and can be a go-to tool in your post-workout stretching routine.

The fascia, or myofascial system, is a web of connective tissue which covers all of your muscles and muscle fibers. Exercise, sitting at your desk all day, poor posture, or sustaining injury can produce adhesions also known as tight spots in the fascia. The more you roll out, the better you will feel no matter what you did during the day.

Aviator Athletic Academy trainers use a combination of traditional foam rollers, tools such as peanuts and static stretches like yoga poses with athletes and fitness-focused individuals to keep everyone healthy.

Aviator Athletic Academy has programs for everyone, from serious athletes looking to elevate their game to individuals just looking customizable programs for any skill levels you’ll find the right class for you at Triple-A.

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