Organized sports are more than just fun. They also prepare kids for their mature lives by teaching them many life skills and lessons that are crucial to success in school, work, and their social lives. Read on to learn about three of these benefits:

It Builds Self Confidence
Building self­-esteem is crucial to a child’s development, starting at a young age and continuing until well into their high school years. Having the confidence to manage others, work as part of a team, and provide support for those who are a step behind the rest is an ability that will go a very long way in helping a child launch a career in later life. Organized sports participation teaches children all of the above, as well as another key skill: self-­pride. Seeing their families watch and cheer for them as they play further builds self-esteem.
It Keeps Them Active

According to recent statistics, a staggering 32% of children in the United States are overweight or obese. While there are a few hormonal imbalances that can cause this, the vast majority of obesity cases are due to poor diet, lack of exercise, or both. Playing organized sports holds many key advantages over exercising alone. The pressure to be as physically fit as possible for the benefit of the team encourages a healthy diet, provides motivation, and perhaps best of all, staves off the risk of countless diseases.

It Instills Self-­Discipline
Learning that there are consequences for one’s mistakes is something that all children need to learn at a young age, before it can have a serious impact on their lives. Discipline is a key part of sports, as it drives everyone to be the best they can be. Best of all, sports-­related discipline teaches kids another key life lesson: when you make a poor decision, it not only affects you, but it also affects everyone around you.

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