Learn to Skate with the Pros at Aviator Sports Brooklyn

Winter is here, so what better way to blow off some steam and get some exercise than to learn how to skate with the pros at Aviator Sports and Events Center?

What You Will Learn at Aviator

Aviator Sports and Events Center has teamed up with Learn to Skate USA to teach the finer points of ice skating.

Learn to Skate USA is a national program that gets boys, girls, and even adults out on the ice and having a blast. By providing fun and positive experiences for kids, the organization works to make ice skating accessible, so children discover the joy of gliding on the ice and gaining new skills.

Learn to Skate USA is supported by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speedskating, with support from Special Olympics, the Professional Skaters Association and the U.S. Ice Rink Association.

The Benefits of Skating

Ice skating is a sport that helps kids grow and learn in a fun way. Plus, there is nothing like speeding all over the ice at full speed to release some endorphins. Better yet, there is nothing that builds confidence like learning even the most basic skills of ice skating.

Here are some of the basic skills participants in the program will learn from our professional and experienced coaches:

  • Falling and getting up

Falling is a part of skating. Perhaps the biggest part of it! We teach the techniques to prepare to fall, and then how to find your balance and get up again.

  • Walking on the Ice

You’ve fallen and gotten back up, so now it’s time to move forward. We will teach you how to do short “scooter” steps with one foot at a time, before taking steps and gliding around on the ice.

  • Safe snowplow stops

Stopping – without falling – is an important skill in ice skating. We’ll teach you to safely stop skating with just a few movements of your feet, and then how to get moving forward again. 

  • Backward glides

Changing directions is a mark of a solid skater. We will show you all of the basics of how to safely move backward and learn all the exciting nuances of skating. 

Aviator Sports Learn to Skate Programs in Brooklyn

Parents in Brooklyn rely on Aviator Sports. Our state-of-the-art facility on Flatbush Avenue offers a wide range of activities and organized afterschool activities for kids.

With two NHL-sized rinks, our popular Learn to Skate program offers kids from ages 3 to 15 an opportunity to conquer the ice. Whether your child is just curious about ice skating or dreams of Olympic glory, our beginner skate program will teach them the basics they need.

And because ice skating is a life-long passion, Aviator Sports also offers fall youth programs in figure skating and ice hockey. We offer group lessons, freestyle sessions, and skating camps, along with world-class figure skating coaches.

Find out more by visiting Aviator Sports or registering for classes while space remains.

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