Congratulations to the entire Level 4 Aviator Artistic Gymnastics Team!  They all did an amazing job representing Aviator at the NYS Gymnastics Championships May 31­June 1 held at Galaxy Gymnastics in Orangeburg, NY.  Some of our team members were competing in their first competitive year. One of those young ladies, Maggie S., was not only the NYS Early Season Level 3 State Champion but also the Level 4 NYS Champion on Vault, Bars and All­Around in the Senior A age division.  Azzaria B. earned 3rd place in Vault event finals in the Child B age division. Alexa D. was the Bar Champion in the Child C age division.  Several of our team members placed in the event finals in their respective age divisions. None of this would be possible without our wonderful coaches. The love and support they’ve shown our girls goes above and beyond anything we could ask for. These young ladies faced that dreaded kip head on and conquered it.  They performed a cartwheel on a beam 4 inches wide and 4 feet high.  They used a vault table for the first time and just had to trust that their feet would find the mat and that they’d stick it. Through out it all, they remained a team.  They were there for each other for all the highs and lows,cheering each other on.  Our own “champ” Gabby exhibited class beyond her years with a Good Luck at States gift to her family.  That’s what we are. We are a family. We are united in our goals and dreams.
Never stop reaching for the stars!

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