Figure skating is a sport that tantalizes much of the world every four years during the Winter Olympic Games, yet relatively few people ever gain first­hand experience. Given the fun nature of the sport and the skills that ice skating instills in its practitioners, this is a shame. If you are a parent who is fond of the rink and looking to introduce your child to the wonderful world of figure skating, let us guide you through the process.

Research Lessons and Facilities

In a large metropolitan area like New York City, there are dozens of places where your child can learn how to figure skate. Research those that are most accessible to you, taking into account cost, reputation, ease of commute, lesson times, and any other factors you deem important. If you can, try to get a look at the skating rink where your son or daughter would learn how to skate.

Pick Up Necessary Equipment

Once you have seriously considered lessons and are sure that figure skating is something your son or daughter will try, a trip to your favorite sporting goods store should be in order. A pair of well­-fitting skates, a safety helmet, a pair of gloves, and comfortable clothes should be all that your child needs until he or she gets more serious about the sport.

Stress Importance of Safety

It is great that your child has expressed an interest in learning how to ice skate. You should encourage him or her to have fun, but also to stay safe. As long as all safety precautions are taken and your child skates with care, figure skating is a fairly safe winter sport. Once you have put the legwork in and enrolled your child in a good ice skating school, you will have the amazing opportunity to watch his or her figure skating abilities transform before your eyes. With two of the nicest ice rinks in the New York City area, Aviator Sports and Events Center is a great place to learn how to figure skate. For more information about the “Learn to Skate” classes we offer for children of all ages, as well as adults, call 718-758-7514.

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