Meet Volleyball Director Max Auguste 2

Meet Volleyball Technical Director Max Auguste: Part Two

In the first part of our interview with Max Auguste, the new Technical Director for Aviator Volleyball he told us about his playing and coaching career that has spanned over 20 years. In this interview, he told us about his responsibilities as Technical Director and his goals for players and Aviator Volleyball.

What excites you about the opportunity to partner with Aviator Sports as the Technical Director for Volleyball?
The goal of my company, in particular, is to provide leading edge volleyball training that the kids need to play at the next level. In doing so, we are committed to expanding as much as we can in providing opportunity and structural training to all the kids who are interested. We are also aware that a lot of the kids who are in school they have been coached by their high school coaches that have certain levels of experience. However, my CAP 1 certification(CAP 1 Certification is a Coaching Accreditation Program taught by USA Volleyball) which is a lot more advanced than the basic training it allows me to provided a more enhanced technical training through demonstration and theoretical understanding to help takes the kids games to the next level. I think that by sharing our knowledge and experiences with the game to as many kids as we can, I believe it will help them build their confidence, understand the importance of taking risks in applying or adjusting to the skills as they know it.

They develop that consistency that they need that will certainly bring them to a level where they will start to realize maybe they can get a college opportunity at some point if they take it seriously moving forward. I think the premise of expanding the opportunities out in the Brooklyn area is mainly to get these kids to have that “aha” moment similar to what I had in high school.

What does your role entail as Technical Director?
My contribution will focus on the skill application aspect of the game, being able to demonstrate and having the kids utilize the proper techniques that are being taught to USA Volleyball standards. I think at the camps which we’ve already started the girls have already begun to learn and execute the skillset as it’s been taught. They already realize with what they are learning they are becoming more consistent.

As Technical Director I will be training the coaches, we’ve conducted one coaches clinic where we’ve explored every skill of the game including the theoretical aspect and the technical aspect. I also have the coaches demonstrate and practice what they have learned and provide training in a game-like structure which is what we really promote. I know a lot of kids in camps and so on practice the various skills of the game whether it be enforcing proper platforming with their arms and so on but we focus on conducting training in a game-like structure. Whereas instead of passing the ball back and forth over one side of the net it’s better if the toss comes from over the net because that’s how it happens in a game situation. We provide that type of visual, so when the players step on the court, they go in with full confidence knowing that is what they practiced.

We’ve gone into Channeling that fabric into the club program and given the history of my club volleyball program I think if we’re consistent in terms of what we teach and what we expect the players will drastically improve and the program will grow.

What are your goals for partnership?
One of my goals is to implement the proper technical training, proper tactical training that is geared towards giving the kids opportunity. I think that a powerful influence within the program would be to train the kids to a competitive level where we can reach that goal of getting the kids to play at a division one college program. Yes, we will also get division two and division three programs but I think the goal now within the partnership is to help them get to division one opportunities. It’s not mandatory but what we will do is provide the techniques we know will definitely get them to that next level, but the onus is on the players to make that sacrifice to get there so we can’t guarantee them anything, where providing the technical expertise to help them reach their goals. If division one is their goal, we will guide them accordingly, but it’s on the players to get the job done.

The new partnership between Aviator Sports and Fundamental Volleyball Training is poised to take volleyball players to the highest level of play. Clinics, camps, and a volleyball development program give players the opportunity to immerse in volleyball learning from our skilled coaches. Learn more about the volleyball programs and register here.

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