National Family Fun Month

As the days of summer get fewer, be sure to gather your family and spend some quality time with them before the chaos of the school year returns. A new national poll found that parents spend on average almost nine hours a day with their children (for working parents, that average drops to seven hours) but more than half aren’t sure how to make the most of the time they have as a family. The poll reveals that some of the activities parents and their children are doing together on a “regular basis” include:

  • TV (91%)
  • ­Shopping and errands (82%)
  • ­Scheduled activity time, such as team sports (65%)
  • ­Waiting in line, for a bus, for example (52%)

Why not help boost that scheduled activity time? Or decrease the TV time? Here are 8 things your family can do at Aviator in August to celebrate National Family Fun Month:

  1. Rent bikes as a family and take a spin around Floyd Bennett Field
  2. Go ice skating (yes, even in August!)
  3. Climb our rock wall
  4. Attend our Member Appreciation Sports Day (members only)
  5. Book a private BBQ and enjoy our newly renovated outdoor pools
  6. Play in our arcade
  7. Play basketball (even at midnight!)
  8. Schedule a private Gymnastics session (I.E: play in the foam pit!)

Not all activities require a membership, but each will give your family fun, low­-cost, meaningful time together! We have something for everyone, 7 days a week.

Visit our website or call us at 718-758-7500 to find out what you can bring your family in to do today! Even if sports aren’t for your family, find a way this month to spend additional time and have fun together. There’s a reason there’s an entire month dedicated to it!

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