For the first time at Aviator Sports, learn the dynamic and acrobatic movements of Parkour. A discipline designed to overcome obstacles using movements such as vaults, jumps and climbs. Taught in a safe environment by experienced athletes, this exciting class is available for students of all experience levels.

  • Ages: 7­-17
  • Adult classes are available by appointment March 17- ­June 2nd
  • Mondays 5:30pm­-7pm (ages 7­-12)
  • Mondays 7pm­8:30pm (ages 13­-17)
  • Thursdays 7pm­-8:30pm (ages 13-­17)
  • # of sessions: 8 (Spring semester April 18­June 6, 2013)
  • Goal: Teach basic warm­-up, conditioning, and parkour movements
  • Price: $300 plus $35 annual membership fee


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