Parkour Taking Aviator By Storm

Parkour Taking Aviator By Storm

Participation in parkour classes at Aviator has skyrocketed, and new equipment has been purchased to provide students a better experience. In February 2016 Aviator Gymnastics purchased a modular parkour setup. The structure has over 25 parts and is entirely customizable. Aviator coaches alter the set up weekly to work on different techniques and keep class fun.

At Aviator, parkour classes are coached by three experienced coaches, two of which have been training together for eight years. Thomas and Jose are passionate about their training and their students and have been pleased with the program’s growth.

“Right off the bat, I would say that the fact it is open to boys and girls of all ages is great,” said Thomas. “Siblings and friends can take the class together. It’s great all-around exercise, and our set-up is different, which is very appealing,” said Jose. “It’s also all about fun; it’s not competitive, and students move to their own ability. That resonates with kids and parents.

The popularity of the NBC tv show American Ninja Warrior helps as well. The show features some of the elite athletes attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty trying to make it to the national finals. Athletes on the show utilize many of the skills developed in parkour classes.

  • Stage 1 consists of obstacles that test the competitors’ agility and speed.
  • Stage 2 consists of obstacles that test the competitors’ strength and speed.
  • Stage 3 consists of obstacles that test the competitors’ upper body and grip strength.

For Thomas and Jose as coaches, it’s important to address the fundamentals in their teaching.

“We encourage students to use their creativity in getting around the challenges,” said Thomas. “Jose and I like teaching parkour because we get to change the way students see challenges and obstacles. Through parkour, we can turn those two things that could be negatives into something they enjoy through fun classes.”

For Jose, it’s knowing that children are in a controlled environment with supervision and safe equipment that satisfies parents who may be concerned about the difficult tricks and stunts that they see online.

“Our students are taught that parkour is a discipline for self-improvement just like martial arts,” said Jose. “They learn not to be reckless with what they have learned and that the classes are all about strengthening their body, not hurting it,” added Thomas.

To see what parkour at Aviator is all about watch the phenomenal video that they put together.

Fall classes are open for registration now, but the gymnastics staff recognizes that there may be more questions about this new addition to the curriculum, and they are happy to answer questions or show you the studio.

Visit, email or call 718-758-7575 to speak with the team.

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