Sacco’s Snippets April 2018

“The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco.” Was a quote by Mark Twain, but should be credited as, “The coldest winter I ever saw was the spring I spent in Brooklyn”.

Spring has, well kind of, sprung yet I am still wearing long-sleeve shirts and winter jackets. The heat is on in my house and there is a very toasty comforter on our bed. While the calendar says March, with April beginning this weekend, I am not full convinced that the cold isn’t going on vacation to the Southern Hemisphere anytime soon. When April arrives the rain falls and the flowers bloom. The NCAA is still pounding out some heart-stopping games and the allergies are standing by the front door knocking and just in time to say hello to all of those who hide all winter long. Not in the cards for a Hockey or Basketball coach. Football is over and Baseball is getting there just in time to bring the sunshine up from Florida.

So what’s so great about April anyway, unless it’s your birth month. This is a month of renewal and change. A time of our calendar year where you get to enjoy the longer days of sunshine and the excitement of the heating bills going down. Longer days of Sunlight are beneficial to our makeup as humans and provide us with the essential vitamins A and D which are most important for our moods and mental health. The winter blues leave us and the mind awakens from the doldrums of the cold and darkness. I personally love the spring and fall as my two favorite seasons. Cool but not cold, comfortable not cranky.

What else could be so good about this month you ask? Baseball is back! The arguments and chirps between Met and Yankee fans will undoubtedly begin the moment that first pitch is thrown. Soon to be followed by wagers of all sorts. Bets on things so minute and ridiculous but entertained non-the-less and as critical and exact as painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Considering that most other sports are finished in this area around the start of the Baseball season the rivalries renew themselves as Mother Nature does Flora and Fauna-wise. Although this will be critical for some, there are other days and dates of significance throughout this time period that are almost too plentiful to list them all.

April is the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar and the first month of the year to have 30 days. It’s name is taken from the Latin name Aprilis which in Roman Mythology was a time that the Goddess Venus loved. Translated Aprilis mead “to open” or opening of spring.

Some of the days and occurrences this month;

  • Birthstone is Diamond
  • Flowers are Daisy and Sweat Pea
  • Birth signs are Aries (April 1-19) and Taurus (April 20-30)
  • 4/1 Christian Easter
  • 4/1 Baseball Opening Day
  • 4/1 April Fools Day
  • 4/2 Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • 4/7 No Housework Day
  • 4/4 End of Passover (3/30 to 4/7)
  • 4/15 Tax Day USA
  • 4/19 National Rice Ball Day
  • 4/22 National Jelly Bean Day
  • 4/26 National Pretzel Day


While we are talking about the Month of April I would like to give a shout out for a couple of things that happened toward the end of March and does have some significance for the Aviator Sports and Events Center. The NY Aviator USPHL Premiere Hockey Team has committed 8 of our players to College Hockey at  NCAA D3 as well as one of our alumni, who has not only played at the Aviator for quite a while but also coaches for us and is a sophomore at St. Norbert College, has become a National Champion.

Congratulations to Dominick Sacco and the Green Knights on your double overtime win.

The Aviator Sports and Events Center is located at 3159 Flatbush Avenue and is easily reached by car and bus. There is free parking and events going on constantly. Ice Skating, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Gymnastics and a Sports Bar that serves excellent meals and snacks as well as refreshments. Stop by Customer Service where you will find brochures, booklets and even a video display of everything that is going on.

“There is something for everybody and everybody for something!”

See you there!

-John Sacco

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