Sacco’s Snippet 09.2017

By: John Sacco

Greetings and Salutations to all out there, September is upon us. The month on “oh no” I closed my eyes at the beach and woke up at a desk in school. You begin to hear the lamentation of the masses with expressions like; “but the summer just started” or my favorite “where did the time go!” All the same time will click off faster than an Aroldis Chapmen Fastball. It’s here so suck it up pilgrim and get aback to work. Only three whole months before Winter starts and the holidays creep up on us. Seems like everyone is sad to see the hot weather leave us and the Autumn breeze creeping in to cool our sunsets and paint the sky.

This is my favorite time of the year. The most fantastic and dreamy fall sky at night punctuates the dream-like state after a breath taking sunset. Free for everyone and usually we get a show every clear night during this time of the year in the Northeast. It also signifies Hockey season as well as some other sports I may or may not mention. The shorts and t-shirts are replaces by long pants and sweatshirts. The air conditioners are out of business and the bed and pillows are nice and chilled. Ahhh, Fall. Not your cup of tea? Well, there are some truly interesting things to occupy your time and it all starts Labor Day Weekend. Unfortunately the holiday traffic may seem like it never ends but here at Aviator Sorts & Events Center we may be able to help you out if you decide to stay local.

Some facts about September. It is the ninth month of the year and the third month to have the length of 30 days. The name is taken from the Latin word Septem which translated means seven.In Europe it has been called “Harvest Month” unlike here in the U.S. where it’s called “you better get up before your late for school!” month.This is also a big month for those Stargazers due to the meteorite showers (which can be seen without too much light at our facility) which last from late September to early October. It is also take a Hockey Coach for coffee month here in the South of Brooklyn. I wish!

Some facts about the month;

– The September birthstone is Sapphire

– The Birth flowers are Forget-me-not, Morning glory and Aster.

– The zodiac signs are Virgo and Libra

– It is National Italian Cheese month

– Prostate Cancer awareness month

– National Yoga month

– National Chicken month

– National Honey month

– National Potato month

September also signifies a terrible anniversary day which should never be forgotten. September 11th, 2001 is a date which is etched in our hearts and minds forever. I know, I was there after the attack and had spent a significant amount of time there afterward. September brings many religious observance of many faiths throughout the entire month as well as shorter days and cooler temps. For me it signifies the beginning of my calendar year and the start of the busiest time for myself and our Aviator Family, Hockey Season.Hockey starts and the rinks become full of wide eyed players of all ages ready to tackle their passions and have fun. For those who work behind the scenes it’s the second half of a busy year and a race to the holidays.

The NY Aviators will be starting play this month with a new team, a new coaching staff and our eyes on the prize. Developing young talent for the higher levels and building for the future. The games are free, the sports lounge will be open, the ice  is cold and what are you waiting for. A chance to see the future of the game in your own backyard and the players of the future right in front of you. There are players from all over the country and the world who are coming here to develop for the next level.

Let’s see, free parking, free admission, a sports lounge and food court as well as numerous activities or events going on at the facility. Gee, nothing to do tonight just turned into there’s a lot to choose from. A quick look on the website is the key to your entertainment of the family. Why where else can you watch the sunset, get a bite to eat, go into the arcade, sit and have a burger and a brew, watch a Junior Hockey game and then have desert and go home? There is stadium type seating which we can accommodate quite a few people and not a bad seat in the hous. Imagine!?

Alright, so I’ve worked here for a little over a decade and to be honest, the place keeps getting cooler. And I don’t mean temperature-wise either. There is so much to do, see and experience. It all begins with making the first step. Come and visit, no entrance fee, and take a look for yourselves. I have been present for Bar and Bat-mitzvah’s, weddings, seminars, graduations, corporate events, charity events, boxing and martial arts as well as high school and college basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Filed Hockey,Cricket, Semi Pro Football as well as High School and college. The list goes on and on. Whatever it is it can happen here and it’s all good.

What are you waiting for?

“Something for Everyone and everyone for something”

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