Sacco’s Snippet: 2018 A New Year

By: John Sacco

Greetings all! And Happy New Year!!! Another year has passed and now to look to the future, which quite frankly is every minute that’s ahead of us and in the words of Monty Python, quickly another minute passed followed by a completely different minute. Amazing fact is that as you get older you look back at what was and what could have been. Aud Lang Syne, A sad old song composed by Scottish Poet Robert Burns, translated means “Old long since”. It has been played for years and years bringing a tear to those who look at the past year as a sad and soon to be forgotten part of our lives. when truly in fact it should be a celebration/ Celebrating this time of year has become a great all night party where revelers indulge too much and many pay for it the next day. Yes, getting through another year in one piece should be celebrated, while hope for a bright future lies in the coming year.

As a Hockey Coach it signifies a rest period, for some of us, that recharges the batteries and the competitive juices start flowing. The thirst for battle begins and the players get a break to go home to see loved ones and enjoy the spirit of the season. This is not all of what this month gives us. Here in the Northeast we relish the snow and ice and unpredictability of our weather. Friends from the North and Midwest often chuckle at our lamentation of what we have to deal with going to school or to work. Yes indeed it gets colder in Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin and there is more snow in Montana and Northern Utah than we get in 3 years, but this generation doesn’t realize that weather patterns and results have changed in 50 years. Our weather was horrific and predictable when I was growing up in Brooklyn, where snow days were not out of the question and bread and milk became scarce due to the food deliveries shutting down. Mass transit stopped and schools closed. This went on for most of my childhood and although it has gotten better here the “Old School” mentality stays with a lot of us who experienced this type of weather. The jokes and funny Memes start about the “Milk and Bread” panic and the gas lines are around the block. BTW it’s snowing out as I am writing. I’ll be back in a few, need to get some milk and bread…

Here are some facts about the Month of January:

-Named after the Roman god Janus who was the god of beginnings
–  In Latin Ianuris which means door
– First month of the year to have 31 days
– Coldest month of the year being the second month of Winter
– Birthstone is Garnet
– Zodiac signs are Capricorn (12/22-1/20) and Aquarius (1/21-2/19)
– National Health awareness Month
– National Blood Donor Month
– National Soup, Oatmeal and hot Tea Month
– January 1st,1863 The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President
Abraham Lincoln
– January 8th Elvis Presley’s Birthday
– January 15th Martin Luther King’s Birthday

And of course the day will be getting longer and brighter, warmer and more pleasant and the summer will be not too far on the horizon. The New Years resolutions will either bring a new change or leave with the swallows as they fly back to Capistrano. But in the meantime, what to do..

I have the pleasure of Coaching and helping run the Atoms program as well as the House Division here at the Aviator. This is the beginning of the journey for young players and the dream of others who for whatever reason are starting Hockey later. All are welcome and all will be taught on the ground floor. Where they will take it is up to them but we will most definitely help them on their journey. The Winter Atoms classes will begin on Tues January 9th at 5:00 PM and a second session will be on Saturdays starting on January 13 at 4:30 PM. These are 2 separate classes and will both  run for 10 weeks. Full equipment is necessary and more information is available on or call the Hockey Office.

What else is there to do? First step is to get on the Aviator Sports and Events Website and choose your entertainment. There is everything from Rock Climbing to Ninja Warrior. A Game Room,  Acting Classes, Pickle Ball, Figure Skating, Public Skating, Gymnastics, Sky-jump,whew take a breath. Hungry? there is a new and improved Food Court and the Aces Sports Lounge for the Adults. Daily Specials are posted on the website as well as the other activities that happen daily/weekly. Great place to get over the “Winter Blahs” and get happy. And BTW the NY Aviators USPHL Hockey Team is playing at home where the admission is free, the parking is free and seeing some of the future collegiate athletes competing at this level won’t cost you a dime. Bored? not anymore….

Remember, there is something for everyone and everyone for something

John Sacco

AC NY Aviators



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