Sacco’s Snippet October Edition

By: John Sacco

October! I say again October! Not my best-est most favorite month (this would be August) but since it’s the beginning of Fall, I love the month! this is the true start of the majestic Mother Nature take over as the leaves turn bright beautiful colors and the sun shows of as it sets. I get to take the Air conditioners out of the windows and open up for the cool breeze and crisp air. Thee’s a lot to do in our state as well as festivals in and around the city and Long Island. For those “Pumpkin People” they celebrate the melody of Fall with everything pumpkin. It can be a nightmare to some who truly don’t like the flavor, but must say that a nice warm slice of Pumpkin Pie would do me right just about now. There are other aspects of the month that seem to be the stepping stone to Thanksgiving and a lot of fun as well.

October’s name comes from the Latin Octo which means eight.It is the sixth month of the year to have 31 days and once again, it is when Fall begins in the Northern Hemisphere. Another bit of trivia for those sports buffs out there is that this is the only time of the year where the “Big Four” American sports are scheduled to play at the same time. The NBA, Major League Baseball, The NFL and the NHL (My favorite) all schedule games during this month with Baseball having the most significance with the game results. The World Series Participants are determined this month which is a “biggie” in my humble abode. There is another significance to this month to our family. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This dreaded disease has altered our lives and many others as well so please take it seriously, it could save your life or someone you care about.


October is also “Adopt a shelter dog Month” and you can take home a lovable pup for a small fee and you can find your newest best est buddy in a local shelter. Now in a huge city like ours there are five boros where you can go and have a look. They will steal your heart and love you unconditionally. It is also “Bullying prevention Month” which has become a rash on our society as of lately. Nothing worse than a child getting abused in any shape or form and can come in many different ways. As a Hockey Coach we are mandated to take courses to recognize and combat Bullying. It just doesn’t belong in any fashion anywhere.

Another couple of October’s recognition is Filipino-American and Italian-American Heritage Month. This is near and dear to my heart in many ways. Having Italian blood and being married to a Filipina   means one of a few things. I have a very large and multi-cultural family and I eat really good. It’s also National Pizza Month on top of that and we haven’t even gotten to the pumpkin stuff yet! Oktoberfest is celebrated as well so if you are going to diet wait until January because you may not stand a chance.

Other notable dates :

– 10/14-22 Conservation Week
– 10/8-14 Fire Prevention Week (the FDNY does presentations so look on NYC.GOV)
– 10/2 Child Health Day
-10/11 Pulaski Day
– 10/18 Alaska Day
– 10/31 Halloween

As well as Columbus Day and for our northern friends Canadian Thanksgiving, eh? The Birthstone for the month is Tourmaline and Opal. The Flower is Calendula and the Zodiac birth signs are Libra and Scorpio.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center, located at 3159 Flatbush Avenue you can come and enjoy the Fall and all it has to offer. Something for the whole family to enjoy and right here in Brooklyn.The calendar’s  full of Hayrides and Halloween events, scary adventures and the Green Meadows Farm will be open on 10/7. Friendly Animals, Hayrides, Haunted House, Cow Milking, Giant Hay Wagon slide are just the beginning of the adventure. Then stop in for a bite to eat, catch a Hockey game, go Ice Skating, have fun in the Game Room. Where else can you spend an entire day having fun and getting entertained.

Aviator Sports and Events Center is located South of the Belt Parkway in Floyd Bennett Field. Easy to reach by car or public transportation. Walk in, make a left to the Customer Service Desk and let the adventure begin. The friendly and experienced Customer Service Staff is ready to give you a great day at our facility and I am sure that you will not be able to enjoy everything in just one visit.


“Something for everyone and everyone for something”

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