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By: John Sacco

     The heat is on and on and on. August comes in like July is still burning then starts to cool and make you remember that you don’t have to sweat all the time to be happy. Fortunately for myself and those of a similar nature we have such a nice frosty and comfortable existence in one of two Rinks that are always happy to see us and are at a delicious temperature. Don’t be a hater we welcome everyone.

August is a special month to me for a variety of reasons. At the end of the month the beginning of my favorite time of the year gives us breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Skies of wispy clouds and deepest azure pools. Shorter days and cooling air that will usher in the autumn show of chilly breezes and colorful leaves. There is always some beauty in nature to behold that is right under our noses and free of charge to all who look.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center the surrounding fields, for the most part, is flat being that this was an airport at one time. There are clear sight views in almost all directions and the Sunsets can be seen almost entirely unobstructed from our spacious parking lot. Okay so it’s a cheap date, but still a beautiful one that generally has a daily show during the sunset hours. This time of the year I delay my trip home for a little while and marvel at the sky. On a clear night the sky is a vast array of celestial wonder and visible without too much manufactured light to wash it out. Amazing that you could spend hours playing Basketball or Soccer then enjoy what Nature has to offer.

August is the 8thmonth of the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. It is the 5thof 7 months to have 31 days. The original name of August was Sextilus meaning 6 when the Roman calendar was 10 months under the ruler Romulus in 753 BC. March at that time was the first month of the year until King Numa added January and February making the year 12 months as we have today. Birthstones are Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinet.  Flowers for August are Gladiolas and Poppy which means “strength of character, love, marriage and family. Zodiac signs are Leo (1stto the 22nd) and Virgo (23 to the 31st).

Some notable days or celebrations for August;

8/3 – International Beer Day

8/4 – National Mustard Day

8/5 – Friendship Day

8/7 – National Night Out

8/12 – International Left-Handers Day

8/17 – Hawaii Admission Day

8/18 – Honey Bee Day

8/26 – Take a Hockey Coach out for their Birthday Day

Augusts full moon will fall on the 26th of the month and will be “The Full Sturgeon Moon” called by the Algonquin People and early settlers due to the fact that Sturgeon are caught more easily by the light of the moon and the time of the season. A spectacular light show to see will be the Perseid Meteor shower (8/11-12 and 8/12-13) since the new moon will be crescent shape and will set early in the evening the sky will be perfect for viewing. The darker the sky and your surroundings the more you will see. Some Folklore courtesy of the Famers Almanac;

As August, So February

Observe on what day in August the first heavy fog occurs and except a hard frost on the same day on October

If the first week of August is warm, the winter will be white and warm

So many August fogs, so many winter mists

When it rains in August it raises honey and wine

It also signals the last gasp of summer is coming and that means school, end of T-shirts and shorts and the Air conditioners will soon be put on “off”. It also turns into the beginning of Hockey Season, Football and Basketball seasons as well as Baseball playoffs. Now the Hockey part is what concerns me most due to the fact that it is when we prepare young warriors for the next step of their Hockey lives. Whether it be a beginning (Atoms Program) a launching point (House League) a next level graduation (Travel Program) of college preparatory (Junior Hockey)

We are a “one stop” shopping experience. Basketball player? You’ve come to the right place. Golf Fanatic? We’ve got you covered. Gymnastics, Soccer, Sports Performance Training, Figure Skating, Adult Sports, Pickle Ball, Volleyball , Darts, I’m running out of breath. Two full size Football Fields, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Flag Football. On and on and on. Looking to have a party, a wedding , a graduation and communion, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, family party, office party, Skating party, you name it and the chances are we got it. Like to Rock Climb, we got it. We even have had acting classes here and probably a dozen or so other items of interest I just can’t recall. There is a sports bar and lounge as well as a spacious food court.

If you have nothing to do on a Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon come out and support your NY Aviators USPHL Junior Premiere team. They are players of the future developing right here in the Brooklyn NY USA.  Nine NCAA commitments from last season and more to come with the first drop of the puck this coming season. Now you know where to go on a weekend or even weekday and the bonus is it’s free to park. Try doing that in Manhattan and your evening just started off with a $20 to $60 charge for parking. We have discount passes and weekly specials to come and enjoy our facility. To put the cherry on the Sundae, we also offer a Golf driving range, Mini-Gold and a Pitch and Putt.

What exactly are you waiting for an invitation? You just got one and you are cordially invited and are most welcome.Easily accessible by car (Belt Pkwy exit 11s) follow the signs. Bt Bus the Q43 to the Ryan Visitor Center stop. By Helicopter please check FAA and NYPD regulations.

“Remember, there is something for everyone and everyone for something..”

Enjoy the month,

John Sacco

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