Sacco’s Snippet

By: John Sacco

August 2017


Yes, August is my favorite month and yet it should be. I was born in August and have always loved the fact that it starts to cool down to that nice September breeze as well as enjoying the majestic colorful sunsets. It was also the panic of realizing that within a couple of weeks I would be back at school no longer feeling the love of late rises and late night sneaky TV. Those were the days alright and I see it in my children even though they have gotten older. Being a child of the 60’s was a strange and magical time in the world. Many great things that we could only imagine happened and were the bulk of the conversations at the “water-cooler”, schoolyard or handball courts. A bygone era where information was only corroborated by those you probably trusted and those who were proving a point. Although I do miss such great times I still have the same love for the month of August that I did when I was younger. The beauty was that my older sister’s birthday was one week prior to mine so it always seemed like a two week celebration.

August is the eight month of the year but wasn’t always. Until the Romans changed the calendar it was the sixth month, whose original name was Sextilis, which is six in Latin. Thirty-one days is the modern length of the month and is one of seven to be this long. Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have Thirty-one except February. Birthstones are the Peridot and the Sardonyx. Birth flower is the Gladiolas meaning beauty, strength of character, love, marriage and family. Birth signs are Leo and Virgo. Virgos are actually pretty cool people and love people who buy them their favorite coffee. Only kidding, or am I?

My favorite part of the month is doing the Hockey camps and clinics as well as the “boot camps” for the travel program. Best of all the Junior Hockey program begins again with a new attitude and a new coaching staff. Sorry, only one of them is an August birth, but the other two are still great guys and excellent coaches. But let’s be honest. Honesty goes a long way and is generally appreciated. After August comes school and it has always been an anxious time since I always felt the pressure of the new school year hanging over me like a vulture. I would enjoy my birthday and my vacation, which coincided every year, knowing that all of my summer fun would be over and back to the grind I go. Since I grew up in a beach area I just never truly loved going to sit in the sand and burn like a crisp. The country life was my passion and I enjoyed hiking, fishing and sleeping out under the stars. My friends and nephews would take our sleeping bag and walk up the hay fields behind our house and as far up we could go the better the view. Watching the stars and meteorites were always incredible and something that I have passed onto my children. Hopefully they will pass on to theirs the love of what we have around us as I had it passed on to me.

If you are a star gazer we are located within the confines of the city but there are spots her on Floyd Bennett Filed which are dark enough to set up a telescope and gaze. Not only do we have a great facility but we are located on such a historic and storied ground. Where the ocean meets the shore to where the first airline terminal meets Flatbush Avenue it is still part of nature and has all the sanctuaries birds and small animals you could imagine. If you’re a bird-watcher stop in for a bite where it’s nice and cool. Great place to spend the day and a great way to occupy the family when you think there’s nothing else to do on a hot summer’s day.

Some notable days and month long awareness for the month of August are;

  • National Immunization month
  • Peach Month (any Allman Bros. fans out there?)
  • Sandwich Month

Some notable dates are;

  • August 2 National Night out
  • August 4 US Coast Guard day
  • August 5 International Beer day and National Underwear day
  • August 6 National Mustard day
  • August 12 International Youth day
  • August 16 National Airborne day
  • August 19 National Aviation day
  • August 20 National Honey Bee day
  • August 24 National Waffle day
  • August 26 Women’s Equality day
  • August 29 National Chop Suey day

Although it may not seem like a lot, August can be a busy month for a Hockey coach. Thank Heavens because quite frankly I miss the game, the ice and our amazing facility and the people who work there.

August 15,16 and 17 the NY Aviators Junior team’s coaches will be doing a clinic for forwards and defenseman. This is geared toward teaching the positions as well as the theory of what they should know. This will definitely show you where you should be and will help to improve the skills you already have. is your admission ticket to the dance, so what are you waiting for.

The first week of Aviator Summer Hockey School ended the July cycle and there is another starting August 7th and will continue to the eleventh. Two groups and lots of ice as well as enjoying the facility and what it has to offer.  This big place called the Aviator can be the place to go to not only stay cool but stay occupied as well. Lots to do and you can actually get lost here and wind up spending the whole day here. Look on the website and decide how to busy yourself. Rock climbing, gymnastics, Ice skating, pickle-ball, basketball, soccer, Hockey playing and some really good food. All you have to do is decide how busy you would like to be. Group sales are available as well as corporate events.

So tell me, what are you waiting for?

Something for everybody and everybody for something!

See you there!

Aviator Sports and Events Center

3159 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11234


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