Sacco’s Snippets: November 2018 Edition

Sacco’s Snippets November 2018

Stop with the Pumpkin stuff already! Someone actually purchased Pumpkin spice toothpaste and it makes me cringe just thinking about this. To each their own or so they say. I enjoy a slice of Pumpkin Pie once in a while but I do not let this vegetable rule my world in this the second to last or “penultimate” month of the late fall season. Stuffing for the Turkey, Chicken, Duck or whatever fowl floats your jowl.

I enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving stuffing that has been passed through our family for quite a long time. Each sibling, in my immediate family, cooks it and it is just as delicious on day one as it is on day 3. We have been known to make stuffing sandwiches out of it and rue when it is all gone. Fortunately, though it does bring a few pounds that can be easily shed by running to the fridge to get the last bit before anyone else gets there.

Each culture does Thanksgiving different but it is always the same basic principal. Good food, good fun, great family. Last year we had a couple of Hockey players that had nowhere to go to eat over and you would have thought they would have eaten the furniture if there wasn’t enough food on the table. They were moaning after for eating so much and passed out on the couch before dessert. But then again so did half of America. Have a great and safe Thanksgiving and save me some stuffing!

November is the second to last month of the year and the last of four months to have 30 days. November is taken from the Latin word Novem which means nine, Remember that before the Romans changed the calendar there were only ten months. The Zodiac signs are Scorpio (10/24-11/22) and Sagittarius (11/23-12/21) and the flower is Chrysanthemum and Birthstone Topaz.

The trees are in full autumn mode and the cloudless skies are deep Dark Blue and crystal clear. If you are watching the night sky on a clear crisp autumn eve, look East to West and you will see one of two satellites that will show bright and move slow enough to enjoy. This is between 7 PM and 7:30 PM. There will be another that shines bright closer to 7:40 PM traveling Southeast to Northeast.

Also clearly visible on a clear night just between sunset and true Dusk is the Summer Triangle. The Summer Triangle is an astronomical asterism in the Northern Hemisphere. The 3 stars are that form this imaginary triangle are Vega, Altair, and Deneb. In the area of the Aviator Sports and Events Center, you would simply go into the parking lot. Stand away from the building so there are no obstructed views and look straight up, to the Southwest and the Northwest. The three brightest and only visible at this time, stars make up the triangle. The constellations that these stars are in are; Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra. Free show daily although only one shows a day.

Okay, now that you have read this far how about we go a bit further. Let’s take a look at the month by day and see what Historical facts we can unfold.

11/1/ 1512 – The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is shown for the first time.

1800 – John Adams is the 1st president to live in the Whitehouse.

1959 – Jacques Plante wears the first Goalie mask in an NHL game after getting struck in the face. C’mon, I’m a Hockey Coach, there’s gonna be Hockey in My articles…

11/2 1889 – North and South Dakota granted statehood.

1920 – First commercial Radio station broadcast is aired.

11/3/1913 – First income tax introduced in the U.S.

1954 – The Movie Godzilla premiered in Japan.

11/4/1924 – Nellie Ross becomes first Woman Governor in Wyoming.

11/5/1872 – Susan B. Anthony first woman to vote in the U.S.

1845 – First U.S. patent for the Automobile approved.

11/6/1860 – Abraham Lincoln elected President of the United States.

11/7/1929 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens in NYC.

1944 – FDR elected for a fourth term as President.

11/8/1960 – JFK elected President of the United States.

11/9/1967 – NASA launches unmanned Apollo 4.

2004 – Microsoft launches Halo2.

11/10/1951 – Direct dialing coast to coast service begins.

1969 – Sesame Street broadcasts for the first time.

11/11/1889 – Washington State becomes the 42nd State.

11/12/1936 – San Francisco Oakland/Bay Bridge opens.

11/13/1940– Walt Disney releases Fantasia.

1997 – The Lion King opens.

11/14/1995 – Don Shula becomes the winningest Coach in Football History.

11/15/1969 – Dave Thomas opens the first Wendy’s.

1971 – Intel releases the first commercial single-chip microprocessor.

11/16/1904 – The Vacuum Tube is released.

1959 – The Sound of Music debuts on Broadway.

11/17/1800 – The first session of Congress is held in the Capitol Building.

11/18/1307 – According to legend William Tell shot an apple off his sons head. (The fruit, not the computer!)

2001 – Nintendo releases the GameCube.

11/19/1863 – President Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address.

11/20/1984 – McDonald’s makes its 50 billionth Hamburger.

11/21/2004 – Nintendo releases the DS.

11/22/1963 – President John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

1999 – Wayne Gretzky inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

11/26/1897 – The Pencil Sharpener was invented.

11/24/1960 – Wilt Chamberlain sets NBA rebound record.

11/25/1940 – Woody Woodpecker makes his first appearance on film.

11/26/1917 – The National Hockey League was formed.

1942 – The film Casablanca debuts.

11/27/1924 – The first annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

11/28/1979 – The NY Islanders Goalie Billy Smith is the first NHL Goalie to score a goal.

11/29/1890 – The first Army-Navy Football game.

1929 – Admiral Byrd is the first explorer to fly over the North Pole. His pilot was Floyd Bennett, USN.

11/30/1940 – Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are married.

2018 – Buy a Hockey coach a cup of Coffee Day at the Aviator Sports and Events Center Day.

Look at that, you actually learned something new today. A bit of History along with your Pumpkin spices double latte look-a-like muffing donut espresso. The other day one of our Premiere players asked me how I knew all of this bit of Historical trivia. I gave them the secret. Read a book or two and ask questions.

Getting back to Thanksgiving, it is a celebration and a feast prompted by a good harvest. Meaning that the Farmers were thankful that they could feed us and make a living for themselves.

It also signifies the start of the Holiday season.

What to do during the Holidays? Well for the one you go online and see what daily, weekly, monthly specials are happening at the Aviator. There are so many things happening in November.

Did you know that Pro Boxing is back November 3rd? That you can wine, dine and watch a Hockey game featuring the NY Aviator Premiere Team who is number one in the Nation right now. Free, yes you heard that correctly, free.

Grab a bite, go Ice Skating and see an exciting game with some of the future college players and possibly beyond. There is no admission to walk in and marvel at the facility. Our Customer Service Staff is in the front on your left as you walk in and as you walk through the building you can marvel at all of what’s offered.

The first step is through the door, the second is where the smiles begin.

“There is something for everyone and everyone for something…”

See you there!

John Sacco
AC NY Aviators

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