Sacco’s Snippets: November 2019

November 2019: Sacco’s Snippets

Yes, it is the Holiday season now and you will be inundated with the spirit of giving, actually buying, so buckle up.

Seems that every year the stores begin their holiday tradition earlier and earlier and the sales pitch begins the fever and the flavor of the biggest consumer push all year.

The day after Turkey day seems to get more involved and chaotic year after year and the fever pitch of saving money by losing sleep by waiting through the night to save money, well to each their own.

My favorite time of the year, as most of you know, is the fall and all that goes with it.

As a youngster, I would get my skates on and get to the park to get an hour or two of Hockey in before Thanksgiving dinner.

Otherwise, we were upstate at my older sister and brother-in-law and we would be enjoying the warmth of the house while watching the parade.

The exciting part of the whole process, when I was quite young, was when Santa Claus would end the parade and the excitement of the yearend holiday was upon us.

No school really meant that you could sit around in your pajamas and what cartoons all day. Of course in more modern times there is no such thing.

Those times were in the near past when there were no cell phones, computers or cable TV.

The only smartphone had buttons, European type, and you could push faster than you could ever dial.

It seemed more romantic in those days but I do love the modern era as well.

Problem is that the younger generations will never know how cool the ’70s and ’80s were unless their elders relay what they were really like.

November meant so many things during the year depending on what you were truly interested in.

The leaves or at least the ones that haven’t been blown away yet are still hues of red, yellow and orange.

The air is crisp and chilly and the clear night skies are beautiful with the stars and some of Mother Nature’s folly.

The November sunrise and sunsets are some of the most brilliant of the year and the twilight is something out of a poem.

Not only beautiful but it’s also free and generally has a daily viewing for which no two are quite the same.

November is the 11th month of the year and the 4th and last of the months with 30 days.

The name comes from the Latin word for nine which is Novum which is from the earlier versions of the calendar when there were only 10 months.

The birthstones for the month are Topaz and Citrine and the flower is Chrysanthemum.

The Zodiac signs are Scorpio, up until the 22nd and Sagittarius from the 23rd on. November 5th to the 6th late night, or early morning, the sky will provide us with the Ursid meteor showers which will peak 11th to the 13th.

November 18th before dawn will be the Leonids and of course, there is no charge for these shows.

A good cup of hot chocolate and a comfortable chair is a good idea and of course dress accordingly.

Here are some interesting facts and dates as well as birthdays during this month.

Remember that not recognizing a name or a happening on a particular date should prompt you to do a bit of research.

The Aviator Sports and Events Center at one time was 4 airplane hangars that had hosted numerous historical figures as well as the beginning or end of a historical event.

I often marvel at the fact that when I am at work I’m walking through the same corridors and rooms that people that made history walked as well.

If you don’t recognize the name look them up.

Some of them are famous, some are infamous but they all made a mark on history’s timeline.

11/1 – 1512 The Sistine Chapel opens
1959 Jacque Plante wears the first Goalie mask in an NHL game
Birthday – 1871 Steve Crane
1979 Coco Crisp

11/2 – 1889 North & South Dakota become the 39th & 40th states
2000 First crew arrives at the International Space Station
Birthday – 1755 Marie Antoinette
1795 James Polk

11/3 – 1913 First U.S. income tax
1954 the first Godzilla movie released
Birthday – 1953 Dennis Miller
1955 Phil Simms

11/4 – 1923 Nellie Ross the 1st Woman Governor in the U.S. (Wyoming)
1980 Ronald Reagan defeats Jimmy Carter
Birthday – 1916 Walter Cronkite
1969 Sean Combs

11/5 – 1895 a U.S. patent granted for the automobile
2004 the movie ‘The Incredibles’ released
Birthday – 1959 Bryan Adams
1973 Johnny Damon

11/6 – 1860 Abrahams Lincoln elected President of the United States
1869 the first College Football game televised (Rutgers vs Princeton)
Birthday – 1854 John Philip Sousa
1861 James Naismith

11/7 – 1665 the London Gazette first published
1929 the Museum of Modern Art opens in NYC
Birthday – 1867 Madame Curie
1918 Bully Graham

11/8 – 1889 Montana becomes the 41st State
1960 John F Kennedy elected President of the United States
Birthday – 1656 Edmond Haley
1836 Milton Hershey

11/9 – 1887 The U.S. receives rights to Pearl Harbor Hawaii
2004 Microsoft release Halo2
Birthday – 1934 Carl Sagan
1951 Lou Ferrigno

11/10 – 1975 the freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sinks
1969 Sesame street debuts
Birthday – 1483 Martin Luther
1968 Tracey Morgan

11/11 – 1834 the book ‘The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson published
1889 Washington becomes the 42nd state
Birthday – 1821 Fyodor Dostoevsky

11/12 – 1918 Austria becomes a republic
1927 Stalin takes control of the Soviet Union
Birthday – 1840 Auguste Rodin
1961 Nadia Comaneci

11/13 – 1940 Fantasia released
1990 the first World Wide Web page published
Birthday – 1850 Robert Louis Stevenson
1963 Vinnie Testeverde

11/14 – 1971 Mariner 9 reaches Mars
1993 Don Shula gets the most wins as an NFL coach
Birthday – 1954 Condoleza Rice
1966 Curt Schilling

11/15 – 1969 Dave Thomas opens Wendy’s
1977 Close encounters of the third kind opens
Birthday – 1887 Georgia O’Keefe
1919 Joseph Wagner

11/16 – 1904 the Vacuum tube invented
1959 the Sound of Music opens
Birthday – 1952 Sigeru Myamoto
1977 Oksana Baiul

11/17 – 1869 the Suez Canal inaugurated
1970 the computer Mouse is invented by Doug Englebart
Birthday – 1944 Tom Seaver
1978 Rachel Mc Adams

11/18 – 1978 the Blues Brothers first appearance
2001 Nintendo game cube released
Birthday – 1923 Alan Shephard
1975 David Ortiz

11/19 – 1969 Charles Conrad and Alan Bean walked on the Moon
1969 Pele’ scores his 1000 goal
Birthday – 1962 Jodie Foster
1971 Indira Ghandi

11/20 – 1789 New Jersey is the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights
1984 McDonald’s makes its millionth burger
Birthday – 1620 Peregrine White
1946 Duane Allman

11/21 – 1789 North Carolina becomes the 12th state
2004 Nintendo DS released
Birthday – 1945 Goldie Hawn
1966 Troy Aikman

11/22 – 1963 President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas Texas
1999 Wayne Gretzky enters the Hockey Hall of Fame
Birthday – 1744 Abigail Adams
1958 Jaime Lee Curtis

11/23 – 1897 the Pencil Sharpener patented
1983 Gretzky score goal 600
Birthday – 1859 William Bonney
1888 Harpo Marx

11/24 – 1960 Wilt Chamberlain pulls down 55 rebounds in a single game
1963 Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down on live TV
Birthday – 1784 Zachary Taylor
1938 Oscar Robinson

11/25 – 1940 Woody Woodpecker debuts
1963 President Kennedy buried
Birthday – 1914 Joe DiMaggio
1971 Christina Applegate

11/26 – 1917 the NHL is formed
1942 Casablanca premieres
Birthday – 1922 Charles M Schulz
1939 Tina Turner

11/27 – 1924 first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC
1973 Gerald R Ford confirmed as Vice President
Birthday – 1940 Bruce Lee
1942 Jimi Hendrix

11/28 – 1919 Lady Astor joins Parliament
1979 Billy Smith scores the first goal by a Goalie in the NHL
Birthday – 1949 Paul Shaffer
1950 Ed Harris

11/29 – 1890 first Army/Navy Football game
1929 Admiral Byrd flies over the South Pole (who was his pilot?)
Birthday – 1803 Christian Doppler
1832 Louisa May Alcott

11/30 – 1940 Lucy and Desi get married
1991 The US Women’s Soccer team wins its first-ever Championship
Birthday – 1667 Jonathan Swift
1835 Samuel Clemens

Wow such a history filled month, as well as the 4th Thursday being Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. of A.

One of my favorite times of the year and a time to reflect and be thankful for all that myself as well as my family has been blessed with.

The Junior program is in full swing and making strides developing our players.

We get to celebrate our Director of Ice Operations, Chris Werstine’s, Birthday. Yet there is an end and a new beginning.

Our very own Chris Kienzle will be entering into the FDNY Academy this month to make us even more proud of him than we already are.

I am proud to say that I have known Chris his entire life and have watched him grow up into a gentleman and an all-around great person.

There is no doubt in my mind his success is ahead of him.

Best of luck and be safe always.

Some other happenings are a short drive away.
11/9 DTS open house
11/9 Pumpkin smash
11/24 the Brooklyn Chocolate Festival

These are just a few happenings going on in a very busy place.

Ice Skating, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey Hockey and more Hockey! Go to to get the latest and the greatest for fun and entertainment.

The first step is to walk in the door and we will do the rest.

“Something for everyone and everyone for something”

John Sacco
AC NY Aviators

Aviator Sports and Events Center
3159 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11234

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