Sacco’s Snippets: The Winter Blues

Sacco’s Snippets: The Winter Blues
January 2017

Why is it that in January and February I feel “blue” or sad? Why is it that all that feels good is to start snacking and stay in bed. C’mon, who doesn’t like to catch up on their sleep now and again and sleep through the alarm or just plain roll over and snooze? There is a valid reason for this, and the culprit is, you guessed if you read the top of the page, “The Winter Blues.” No this is not one of the early Rolling Stones songs or the original place of the Hockey team from St. Louis. It’s a thing called “Seasonal Affective Disorder, ” and it is more common than you would believe. I know that this sounds crazy, no pun intended, but it is a form of depression and can affect you in many ways. Boredom, fatigue and less energy will come along creeping into the back of you and make you one crabby person to be around, ever hear of the expression “Cabin Fever” or “Stuck in the house,” well move over crabby there is a solution, and it’s easier than you think.

What causes these feelings and how common can it be you ask? Your mood is linked to an imbalance due to the lack of sunlight due to the shorter winter days and longer nights. Melatonin, which is L-Tryptophan, decreases when there is light. Ever eat Turkey and get sleepy afterward? It’s not the stuffing it’s the Melatonin. Serotonin, which is a hormone that makes you bright eyed and bushy tailed, increases with light. Vitamin D maintains the Serotonin levels during the winter and light will stimulate the production of cholecalciferol which is the way that the body makes Vitamin D. Are you writing this down?! Without all this great stuff you are getting sleepy, sleepy, your mind is relaxed….ZZzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, I dozed off there. Shed those winter pounds because there are almost 120 days to get that beach body say the commercials and infomercials that will undoubtedly permeate the airwaves sooner than later.

This is because you can’t stand the cold anymore; you have been binging on junk food. You’re sleeping too much and lying around watching TV and playing video games all day and all night. And quite frankly Scarlett, you couldn’t care less. This is the result of the Winter Blues which snuck up on you like a large pie with everything on it. Doctor, every time I raise my hand like this I can’t stand the pain well, says the doctor, stop raising your hand like that! How do I beat this dreaded malady and move forward with my life and all the rest of the stuff? Well pilgrim, how about a trip to the rink. Public skating out of my house and four walls for a few hours. I can skate and exercise, go to the rock climbing wall or sports bar in the mezzanine and watch some Hockey or Basketball. Eat a delicious meal, go back out to skate and if it’s still early enough go over the Ryan Visitor Center and look at some History of Floyd Bennett Filed. What a well-rounded day. Excuse me, what about tomorrow and by the way, I am a Hockey player, and I have all the gear. Funny you should ask because we have an afternoon session of Adult Hockey.

Adult Hockey is for 18 and older; you pay a fee, get a wristband and off you go. Full equipment is a must, and there is some good shinny being played out there. Ok, got you on this one; let’s say I am a pretty good Basketball player or at least was one in my prime. There are two full-size courts off of the Food Court area, and they do have pay to play sessions as well as Open Basketball. Same deal, though, you will have to stop at our friendly Customer Service Desk, and they will guide you to whatever you want to do.

Aviator Sports and Events Center can cure you of the Winter Blues and have you back on your way to a smile. Physical activity along with doses of sunlight is a key here. You must move your feet and be active because the other end of this spectrum is you will inch yourself toward something worse. No matter what mom used to say as far as, eating was concerned. Old school, don’t get smart here like myself grew up with parents worrying that you were eating enough. Today we have a different set of rules and “bewares” to keep us alive and healthy. One of them that has been consistent through the years is a physical activity to keep the body strong and the mind clear. We spend millions of dollars yearly to feed our bodies with vitamins and supplements when most of the time all the truly good stuff is around you. Moderation is always a factor except when you’re having fun.

So come and join us for the cure for the Winter Blues and have a good time or just come in to see what may interest you. Remember the first step is you getting out of the house and coming for a visit. See you soon…

John Sacco is a USA Hockey Master Coach and Administrator at the Aviator Hockey Club

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