Fall and winter usually means more time with family and friends. But this season also brings a lot of icy temperatures. It can be difficult to enjoy time with friends and family if you are busy trying to stay warm.
That is why it’s important to find activities that will help you beat the freezing temperatures. You and your loved ones can stay warm this fall and winter here at Aviator Sports And Events Center. Our indoor ice skating rinks provide the perfect environment for anyone looking to have fun while avoiding the winter freeze. Our ice skating rinks are open seven days a week, and we have open skate hours to give everyone a chance to enjoy a fun and exciting activity!

Do you want to learn more about indoor ice skating? Contact the friendly staff at Aviator Sports And Events Center today! We also offer private ice skating lessons and Learn to Skate classes for all ages year­-round. Call us at 718-758-7500 for information about our sports center and facilities that are open to residents and visitors of all ages.

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