Steven Gets A Custom Mouth Guard from Dr. Lichter

Steven took our last blog post, the “Top Seven Reasons To Get A Custom Mouth Guard” to heart and arranged an appointment with Dr. Lichter so he could get fitted for a custom mouth guard. Steven plays tackle football and a few weeks into the season knew he needed a better way to protect his pearly whites beyond purchasing off the shelf mouth guards.

At Dr. Lichter’s office, Steven was taken through the benefits of getting a custom mouth guard and got to pick is a custom design. Steven was prepared to make an impression of his teeth the old fashioned way by biting down impression material (it’s usually pink). For an easier and more comfortable process, Dr. Lichter suggested using the TRIOS Digital Impression Scanning. One of the best available products on the market, the machine reduced the time Steven needed to be at the dentist, reduced the discomfort he might experience in biting into an impression and made it easy for Dr. Lichter to send the file to the custom mouth guard manufacturer.

It took a total of 5 minutes and 58 seconds for Steven to have his teeth scanned. The process was fast and painless which is what we all want from the dentist. One week after his visit Steven received his custom mouth guard with the logo he chose, and he was good to go!

Dr. Lichter’s office is located at 1420 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 11229. To learn more about custom mouth guards visit his website or call 718-339-7878

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