Summer Camp Activities for Your Child

These Summer Camp Activities for Kids To Help Make the Most of their Time Off

Summer is a time for your children to refresh their batteries after what hopefully was a hard-fought school-year for them with a grade that made you happy. It’s also going to be the only time in their lives where they’ll have the best opportunity to try new things. Since 2006, we’ve been running Summer Camp activities for kids are that chosen based on not only parent’s feedback but also backed by research.

1. Think Up a Story One Word at a Time

Leif Riddell is a professional actor and teaches improv classes weekly at Aviator, but he also commits time to our Summer Camp program to work with our young campers.

One exercise he’s used for warm-ups in his class and for our summer camp is a one-word story.

The class stands in a circle or straight line, each person will take turns adding one word to a sentence in the hopes of creating something coherent.

The benefits of an exercise like this are abundant as participants are compelled to listen to their partners, something that’s been stressed by teachers with an ever-diminishing attention span.

If you’re not listening in on the story, you’re adding to the story with your limitations bounded to your creativity, there are no wrong answers.

Activities like this increase a child’s confidence in their ideas.

This exercise is not limited to a large group as it can be concentrated on a child’s creativity than their listening comprehension when fewer people are involved with groups as small as two.

Creativity is not limited in writing, it’s carried over to other conventional school subjects like math and science.

2. Build a Gumdrop Skyscraper

Putting critical thinking into the forefront and all you’ll need is toothpicks and some gumdrops.

Use the gumdrops as joints for the toothpicks to construct your own mini structure.

It’s always best to start small with squares and pyramids then expand to whatever your imagination cooks up or event stack things up as high as possible so long as you have the gumdrops and toothpicks to maintain them.

With gravity a factor, this is only a soft introduction to the concept of STEM to a child but it’s beneficial to have a low-stakes environment where a child can fail along with realizing that knowledge can be rewarding in itself.

Also, it’s comforting to know that you won’t have to make a snack after you’re done playing.

3. Mini-Golf Outings

Promoting concentration plus learning to handle both winning and losing are great motivators for going out to play.

It also helps that almost anyone can play mini-golf so long as they can hold their club.

Anyone who’s played golf can tell how frustrating it is when the ball skips the hole like a rock across a lake, but it’s the perfect game to teach how to hold your composure.

It’s a test for someone’s emotional intelligence, as emotionally intelligent people tend to have more successful careers and go on to live happier lives in general.

Mini-golf is our choice of sport for this list because it’s another Summer Camp activity for kids where you don’t need a certain number of players, you can play with your child, by yourself, or in a large group.

The risks of injury are bared at someone with a temper tantrum swinging a club, you won’t be up late at night worrying if your kid will come home unscathed from tomorrow’s mini-golf outing.

4. Playing Video Games

I already see the eyes rolling, but video games are like anything else, good in moderation.

Different video games come with different benefits, arcade style-games improve hand-eye coordination, Role-playing games can teach resource management, and strategy games can improve decision making.

Research says playing video games with your kids can improve your relationships with them, creating experiences you can relate on as you’ll both be in the trenches together, and give parents an opportunity to teach them lessons that might go over their head.

5. Day-Time Swims

What the kids are always excited about is when we take them out to the pool on what’s usually a beating hot-summer afternoon.

Little do they know, it’s one of the most beneficial things they can do with swimming having ridiculous positives in metabolism control, building up bone mass, lowering stress & depression, Increase lung capacity and metabolism.

Adults who swim go on to have a 50% lower death rate then non-swimmers.

All of these summer camp activities are something we’ve seen enrich children’s social and physical development as staples of our youth programming. For more information about our findings or interest in our Camps program email or call them 718-758-7518

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